Shiloh Shepherd Times, MARCH 2006

by Heather O'Connor

March, time for Green Beer and Leprechauns or so my Irish grandfather always said! For me it is a special time spring puppies! Pet ownership is about relationships – the bonds people form with their dogs and other animals. The happiest pet owners are those who know they are taking the best care of their pets. Only people who care enough to find out how to do things right need ever be responsible for the life of a living creature. People research buying a TV or car but when it comes to buying a dog, they fall victim to the first pair of soulful eyes they see. With proper care, a dog becomes an interactive part of their lives for a dozen years or more.

By making a well-thought out decision when buying a puppy, you protect yourself from many possible heartaches. The time to decide whether to buy, as well as how and when, is before you look into those big brown eyes. Putting a cute puppy down and walking away is downright impossible especially after she snuggles close to you and licks your nose. Before you buy is the time to examine your lifestyle, facilities and pocketbook. Contemplate all aspects of your life present and future. Although you may not currently have small children, consider the possibility of becoming a parent or about visitors or neighbors.

Expenses don’t end with the purchase – love and affection are free but other life necessities are not. A large sized dog eats, chews and barfs his way through approximately $500-700/year. If the dog is healthy, expect to spend over $150 per year at the vet. If the dog needs professional grooming, plan on spending $50 each visit. The first year of dog ownership is often the most costly. Bowls, housing, grooming gear, collars, leashes etc. Other wise investments include training classes and fencing for either your yard or an exercise area.

So you have decided to take the plunge, Congratulations! See next month’s column for more puppy buying thoughts.

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by Judy Vaneman, President

Hello ISSDC members! Our membership is growing daily, as is the interest in our Club and wonderful group of people and Shilohs.

I am terribly sorry, we have not had our monthly meeting this month yet due to an ill VP. However, I know we have our Club ad sent to Puppies USA and paid for! Thank you all for participating. A special thanks to Jacki Wilde for putting that ad together and also for giving us a beautiful logo to go forward with. Jacki, hats off to you.

We are trying to get everything together for the Club Chapters and also, since the May 2006 show is getting huge, we are looking forward to the Fall 2006 show here too. We have a couple of organizations willing to come in, so I would appreciate any input on what the Club members want.

We could do the National Kennel Club again, OR we could look at the National Canine Association. Either group will be fine with us... so if you have any thoughts, please let us know them. I would also appreciate any input as to the date of the Fall show. We have always had a Labor Day weekend show here, but could do the weekend before or after if we liked. We can't do this without our members, you guys are the reason for the ISSDC success.... so email us and let us know what you think!

by Frank Rescigno

The stray lived in a small town on the East Coast. He was a mix of several breeds, but you could never call him a mutt. He had a regal look, some people would call him the wolf-dog because he was large with a long black and brown coat. Most people guessed he had German Shepherd and Collie in him. For years the town people just called him “Stray”.

I was eighteen years old when I first met the stray. I was spending the summer with my sister and her husband before I went to college. They owned a gas station and I worked there to get some extra money for school. I was at the gas station the day I met Stray. I was on the side of the building filling up a bucket with water to wash the cars windshields with. He startled me when he came around the corner. I could understand why some people called him wolf-dog. He was large with no collar but I could tell he had been brushed recently. He looked at me and started walking toward me. I backed up a little. I had always liked dogs but I was unsure of this one. When I backed up he went over to the faucet, had a drink and trotted down the street. When my sister arrived at the station I told her what had happened. She was a top mechanic in the town. She laughed and said she should have told me that Stray came around almost everyday to get a drink of water from the faucet. He would then sometimes visit for a while. She said for the five years that she had lived here Stray rarely missed a day. The townspeople told her that Stray just showed up as a pup about seven years ago. He doesn’t belong to anyone but the whole town takes care of him. People would feed him, brush him, and the local vet would check him out and keep him up to date on all his shots. It’s like the whole town is his adopted family. Several people have tried to take him into their homes but he would always go back to roaming the town. My sister told me that Stray had a regular route about town and would go off at night and sleep. No one ever knew where he slept.

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Dear Abi...Green beer? I just don't understand my humans.
Confused Shiloh in MI

Dear Snow Dog.
I know. Humans are strange aren't they? We, as the superior species, can sit back and reflect on our humans and their silly moments.

From what I am understanding, green beer, green hats and such are part of a Saint's day. Humans have Saints too...kinda like our St Frances who protects us. The Saint that is being noted in March (with green beer) is St Patrick and that is an Irish tradition... we would have to ask the Setter's more about it I would say.

At any rate, have a great St. Paddy's Day and try to stay away from anything green. They (your humans) will be chasing you around, trying to take your picture in some silly pose, then they will post it on the internet. Geesh... Someone needs to remind them that 'WE' are Shepherds, proud, noble dogs!

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

Spring Things
by Gloria Setterland

It's time to get out in the yard, in the fresh spring air, and enjoy this lovely weather. The yard and the garden is usually high on many people's list of things to do. We love those lush green lawns and pretty flower beds.

There's a few things we need to be aware of though before we get started with fertilizers and bedding. While the products we use to beautify our lawns produce healthy grass and flowers, it can cause serious health problems for your pet.

Herbacides and fertilizers can cause salivation, vomiting, central nervous systems problems, and sometimes death if our pets come in contact with them. Before applying lawn treatments make sure you remove water dishes, food dishes, and toys from the yard. Keep your pets inside while the chemicals are being applied and for at least 24 hours after. Wash your dog's paws with soap and water if he happens to walk on a freshly treated lawn.

The same rules apply for tree sprays, pesticides, foggers and dusts, and snail pellets.

Cocoa Mulch is beautiful in plant beds, but it is made from cocoa bean shells which contain potentially toxic quantities of Theobromine, the ingredient in chocolate that is toxic to dogs. Cocoa Mulch smells like chocolate and is very attractive to dogs. Your dog can die from eating Cocoa Mulch!!!

Pressure treated decks and porches can affect your pet if it is not sealed at least every two years. Don't let your dog lay on top of or under an unsealed deck.

Rat and mouse poisons is another danger if ingested. People tend to put the little boxes behind cupboards, in drawers, and on shelves and then forget about them. Unfortunately, if your dog finds these after something is moved or tipped over, he's very likely to snatch it up and eat it. Remember that rodent poisoning may not cause vomiting or other typical symptoms of poisoning. Rodent poisoning could cause your dog to bled to death.

Keep the number of the poison center on hand, and if you think your dog may have ingested something call them. The ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center can be reached at 888-426-4435. The center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You'll be charged a $45 fee per case. You can read more about the center here (

Make sure you tighten lids on bottles and containers of herbicides and pesticides, even if you don't think your dog will ever have access to them. We all know how our dogs can surprise us at times.

Have your dog checked for heartworm on a regular basis. Use preventative if there's even a small chance of heartworm in your area.

Use an effective flea/tick control.

Have fun with your dog this spring!! Bring them out to the shows and events. Take them for long walks. We hope to see you all out there this year.

Birthday cake recipe

1 tsp baking soda
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup chopped/unsalted peanuts
1 tsp soy flour

1 egg
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup honey
5 tsp vanilla
1 cup grated carrots

Preheat oven to 325
Combine flours, baking soda and peanuts. Mix in egg, oil, vanilla, honey and carrots until well mixed. Pour mixture into a prepared cake pan and bake for 15 to 20 minutes.


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