Shiloh Shepherd Times, APRIL 2006

by Heather O'Connor

Picking your puppy to match your lifestyle!
So it is April and you have decided to take the plunge and get a puppy! Great dogs can be found in plenty of places – including reputable breeders and breed rescue. Once you get there, you still need to know what you really want. You also need to consider the dimensions and conditions of your home and the new puppy’s home space. You need to think about whether you want a male or a female puppy.

Most first time dog owners express the desire for a female. They seem to feel that they are less trouble – UNTRUE. I have known many males just as sweet as any female. They don’t have heat cycles like females do and if they are neutered – as all pets should be- they do not suffer hormonal surges at puberty. I would recommend that pet owners keep an open mind about the sex of their puppy. The more important qualities to look for are good health and temperament and a personality that fits in your lifestyle.

If you hope to breed, it is often believed that you should start with a female. The female has the pick of suitors. But if showing is in your future, it is felt that the males often received the Best of Breed and Best of Show more often. Generally, they are larger, flashier and sport better coats since they don’t go into heat.

A large dog doesn’t need a mansion to live in. A lethargic giant uses less space than a tiny terrier for instance. Many big dogs have a reputation for being easy going and patient with children. Match your dog to your lifestyle. Are you a jock or a couch potato? The amount of activity a dog requires doesn’t depend on his size but on his attitude. Some giant breeds are happiest when sleeping on the couch (not my dogs – that is why we have 3 couches) while others are high-energy and need vigorous walks often.

Whatever you decide, do it with an educated mind and keep your lifestyle in the forefront.

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by Susi Ramstead, Secretary

Dear Friends,

The sun is finally shinning in California where I live and the show year is in full swing all over the country. It is great to see how many of you are going out and enjoying yourselves. I want to wish everyone showing this year Good Luck! Since I am on the West Coast I am very jealous of those on the East Coast as there are so many more Shiloh's and venues available out there.

I am looking forward to the Memorial Weekend Show! There is going to be a very large number of people at this show so if you don't already have motel reservations, better get on that right away. Also check with others in the club who may need a roommate. We are planning to have some great items for sale at the show. My tried and true "Shiloh Shepherd Crossing" signs will be available as will some new t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. I can't wait to see the Jr. Handler's in the ring, that is my favorite, also to see old friends and have the chance to put faces on the new ones.

The club is looking for volunteers. We need committee's for Advertising, Merchandising and a Show Committee. Please anyone interested contact a board member. Also we would like any suggestions you may have for promoting and enjoying our club. It would be great to see everyone involved.

by Frank Rescigno

Patricia, who everyone called Trish had grown up with dogs. Her father and uncle raised and trained English Setters. Her father’s kennel had show dogs and her uncle’s kennel had hunting and field trail dogs. They all lived on the same property. Trish, and her mother and father lived in the main house and her uncle, who never married lived in a smaller house. Trish’s grandfather had started this kennel and his son’s continued the tradition. There was a large kennel that all the dogs shared. Being the only child in the family Trish had a lot of responsibility as far as the care and training of the dogs went. But it didn’t feel like work to her.


Dear Abi. Even though I like the snow, I sure am happy to see sun and green stuff all around. How's it going in Pennsylvania now? -- Curious Shiloh in Canada

Dear Canadian Cousin! We love spring in PA. Days in the 60's and nights in the 40's. What more could a dog ask for? As you can see from my picture, spring means more work for me. As a farm dog, I am in charge of watching over my herd of 50+ mini horses. I heard mom say to dad, "honey, the yard needs mowed" and the next thing you know, Dad put all the mini horses in the yard for me to watch over. It's also my job to help Dad move them back to their barn every night. Whew... such is the life of a farm dog. Enjoy your spring everyone and we will see you all in May at the Brookville show! I have my appointment to have my legs waxed and my facial hair removed by my friend Michele at Springhill Grooming just so I can look my best!

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

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ARBA - May 6 & 7
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IABCA - May 6 & 7
Florida May Sieger
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Rarities/NAKC - May 6 & 7
Independence Classic
Bethany, CT

RBCSWO - May 13 & 14
Tillsonburg, ONT

ARBA - May 20 & 21
Southern California Classic
Claremont, CA

IABCA - May 20 & 21
North Star Sieger
Hutchinson, MN

Rarities/NAKC - May 27 & 28
Memorial Day Classic
ISSDC National Specialty
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Brookville, PA
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ARBA - June 3 & 4
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IABCA - June 3 & 4
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RBCSWO - June 3 & 4
Caledonia, ONT


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