Shiloh Shepherd Times, WINTER/SPRING 2007

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YEARS in the making, our new Members Only forum is online. Here you will find links to our Stud Books, archives of our newsletters and favorite features. We are continuing to devolop the site and encourage all members to visit, post and generally make this your own. First time users will need to register on the forum. .

NEW Treasurer's Corner by Gale Peluso
Welcome to the first Treasurers Corner! I hope to share with our membership information that will help financially and/or information that will help them with the events they may share with fellow members and their fur children.

As January 2007 the first of new laws, that might affect all of us who travel into Mexico and Canada by aircraft, took effect. All citizens must now have a passport to enter back into the United States. You ask how that affects us. For those of us who show with our Canadian membership and/or just to go visit them by automobile will be effected by the new laws starting January 2008. Starting next year you will need a passport if you wish to travel to Canada and back (Mexico as well) by automobile. All ports of entry for automobiles are required to process individuals with passports by June 1, 2009. Due to the amount of individuals, millions in fact, that submitted their paperwork at the end of December of 2006 and those who waited to January to even apply caused a delay in processing. What would normally take 4-6 weeks, worse case 8 weeks, has doubled in process time. I can’t image what it will take at this time next year.

For those of you who have never needed a passport for your travels you may wonder why this would or could be a financial issue. As of February 2008 the cost is $97.00 and $82.00 for anyone under 16 years of age. (Example: Mr. and Mrs. Shilohowner and their 15 year old daughter would pay ($194.00 + $82.00) $276.00 for their passports). Hopefully with this knowledge are members can plan for this extra cost for next year and still be able to enjoy visiting and showing with our Canadian friends.

If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate you will need to apply for one of those and attain a copy that is filed along with your application. For those that are United States citizen through naturalization you will need a copy of that paperwork, I believe. There are several places that will take a passport picture. Please note, the background drop is white, so please make sure you wear something other then white are your photo will look as if you are sick and washed out. You need to be aware that these photo places will still charge you for pictures that you don’t like. Ask if they have digital or regular film cameras.

Visit the government website to download your application for the first time passport and renewals. If you need assistance with this, please contact me.

Faithful Companion by Frank Rescigno
Patsy would turn eighteen in two days. Patsy was in her bed and lying next to her bed on the floor in his usual spot was Patsy's best friend, a six year old Dobe named Tonto. As Patsy looked down at Tonto she remembered when she first got him as a pup and thought about their life together for the last six years. The doctors said she wouldn't see her fourteenth birthday and here she was getting ready to celebrate her eighteenth. Patsy knew part of the reason she lived so long was Tonto. Patsy was very grateful to have Tonto in her life and knew that there were other people who were grateful because Tonto affected their lives also.

Six years ago when the doctor told Patsy and her parents that she had a rare disease that was rapidly taking over her body they were in shock. The doctors told them that there was no cure or treatment for what Patsy had and that she would only live for maybe two more years. Patsy would not be able to attend school and would be bed ridden most of the time. At first Patsy's parents made her stay in bed and rest, but after a while Patsy would have none of that. If she only had a short time to live she wanted to live it her way.

Sophie's Spa Day by Karen Emery
Sophie awoke full of excitement. "Yes," she said, "something good is going to happen! I know it!" "Sophie," answered Berry. "I don't think you are right. Mom and Dad are getting dressed up. They have the leashes in their hands. I think we may be going to the VET!"

"Oh no, Berry. Today is not vet day. I just know we are going to the drive thru to have a cheeseburger. That's it!" So, Sophie raced to the truck, and eagerly jumped in. Berry, ever cautious, and not too fond of the truck, required her magic martingale collar before she would jump in. Sophie sang her something good song all the way to the Dog Bath. THE DOG BATH? THE DOG BATH??

"Berry, do they have cheeseburgers at The Dog Bath?" Sophie asked, a note of doubt creeping into her voice. "NO, Sophie" said Berry. "They do not. If I did not have on the magic collar, I would run!" "I do not have on a magic collar, Berry. I am going to RUN!" replied Sophie. And with that, Sophie took off, with Dad trailing uselessly behind her. Sophie ran until Dad gathered himself up, and with all his strength made Sophie stop running. Unfortunately Dad had not put on Sophie's Gentle Leader collar.

Protesting mightily Sophie and Berry entered the dreaded Dog Bath. Berry, resigned to her fate, walked nicely up the ramp and into her tub. Soon warm water flowed from the hose on the wall, apple-oatmeal soap was applied. It was nice and warm, and very relaxing at the Dog Bath. Berry leaned against Mom and gave her an occasional kiss. And, to top it all off, Berry got to have raspberry conditioner, and after her blow-dry, smelled as sweet, as, well, a raspberry. Sophie, on the other hand, did not give up without a fight! She refused the ramp, and had to be lifted into the high tub. Berry could hear sounds of a fierce struggle going on in the next cubicle. Daddy was saying things that are best not repeated. Berry looked up and saw Sophie looking over the top of the cubicle, howling piteously. Berry looked at a pug who was walking by and shook her head sadly. The pug responded with a knowing smile, and walked up the ramp to her bath.

All of a sudden, Sophie slipped her leash, and made a break for it. Water and lemon soap suds flooded the entire shop, as Sophie vigorously shaked and ran. Unfortunately, Daddy had not tightened the loop-leash in the bathtub--Oh No! Daddy slipped and slipped and chased Sophie around the dog bath, until cornering her next to the blow dryers, she was captured once again. Mom finished Sophie's dog bath. Daddy sat dripping and exhausted in the waiting area while Berry had a nice treat for being such a good girl.

In time, Sophie, too, smelled like a raspberry. She walked nicely on her leash, and even held very still for her blow-dry. She took her ear-cleaning in stride, and her toenails are nicely trimmed. She walked carefully to the truck with her nice treat in her mouth. And, on the way home...daddy did not stop for cheeseburgers. Poor Sophie! But, Sophie just sat up on the back seat, with her treat, and said, "See Berry, something good did happen!"

Shilohs Receive Recognition by AHBA by Audrey Harrison
I took on the position of President of Capital Area Shiloh Shepherd Association in 2000. Anxious to build opportunities for our breed in the working dog community, I reserved a booth for CASSA at the Annual Sheepherding Trials at Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, Virginia, May of 2001. These dogs were the "cream of the crop" and it was an inspiration to watch them compete. I was fortunate to make some contacts at that event which led me to an all breed trainer & an American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) judge (which were somewhat rare) Her name is Susan Rhoades and she owns Keepstone Farm in Berryville, Virginia.

I inquired with the AHBA to determine what they required from us to apply. To begin with they requested material that demonstrated our breed's herding heritage and proof that our Shilohs still retained their instinct. Once that was approved, we would be granted "temporary recognition" during which time 5 Shilohs (all indvidually owned) must obtain the titles of Junior Herding Dog or better.

Searching For My First Shiloh Puppy - part 1 by Avril Williams
Falling in love with the Shiloh Shepherd was instantaneous when I met a Shiloh for the first time.  The dog in question happened to be a 14 week old puppy who won me over with her personality, intelligence, beauty and size.  That was August 4, 2006.  Since that time I have spent innumerable hours on the Internet looking at and learning as much as I can about the Shiloh.  That first step in the process of finding a Shiloh puppy has been eye opening.  The facts are that like any other breed, there are healthy dogs and not so healthy dogs, there are responsible breeders and there are those who are not.

My search has led me to try and develop as comprehensive criteria as possible to narrow my search to those breeders who match my own standards.  First and foremost is extensive health testing of the dam and sire of the litter that I am considering.  This testing should include hips, elbows, eyes, TLI, thyroid and heart.  For several of these tests, I am interested in seeing that these tests have been conducted more than once since some conditions do not necessarily show up at an early age and/or may develop over time. 

The next item that I am looking for is temperament.  This, unlike the potential health concerns, is more of an individual preference. In my case, since I would really like to participate in showing my dog I am looking for a more confident and outgoing Shiloh.  If I were looking for a dog to be only a family pet, I might prefer a dog with a softer, more laid back personality.   I am interested in what temperament testing has been conducted on the puppies and would prefer to be in attendance myself to make my own judgment as to whether a particular puppy has what I am looking for.  Additionally, I look to see if there is any of this health and temperament data on the dam and sire’s parents and littermates or any previous litters, if any, from the pairing.  The breeder needs to be one who has done their research and has considered health, temperament and a low RC factor in the pairing.  These are the most important factors for me and the more detail I have on the background of the litter, the better the decision I can make as to whether this is the right puppy for me.

Other considerations that I have are potential size, conformation, and finally coat.  Of these, size and conformation are important because I want to show the dog.  Coat type and color are strictly personal choices and would be the items most likely to be negotiable.

My second step in this process has been to begin visiting Shiloh breeders, owners, and shows in which Shilohs are participants.  This first hand experience is invaluable in seeing exactly what things I like about the breed and what things might be of concern that I want to avoid.  Is what I am seeing the result of nature or nurture?   It gives me the opportunity to see how the dogs and their humans interact.   It allows me the opportunity to talk to Shiloh owners about their joys and their concerns.  I take the opportunity to learn as much as possible from every Shiloh owner that I meet, whether it is about health, temperament, breeding practices, or raising and training a Shiloh.

Now that I have decided upon my criteria, the process of looking for mating pairs that, at least on paper or the web have the potential to produce the puppy I am looking for has begun.  A few breeders have been contacted and I will soon begin the process of gathering the information that they have on their dam, sire, dam and sire’s parents/grandparents, siblings, and/or previous litters.  I want to meet and interact with both the dam and sire of the anticipated litter that I finally determine is the one I am most interested in.  Once all the background information has been gathered, the next step is to discuss the issues such as how and where the puppy will be raised?  What socialization will it receive prior to being taken to its new home?  When will I be able to meet the puppies in this litter?  What happens if the puppy develops serious health problems?  What support does the breeder offer in dealing with potential issues?  Are there references available for buyers of puppies from previous litters?  Again, the more information that I have to work with the better my decision will be and the more likely that the puppy that I finally choose will be just the right one!

My Guardian Angels, Carter & Sarge by Tara Rulton
My name is Tara and I'm a neighbor of Virginia's, for anyone that has seen the Chihuahua video of Durham playing with Carter, Cadie and Sarge, the chihuahua is mine.

I want to tell a little story about Carter and Sarge. We have a wood stove so when it's time to empty the ashes we fill the big metal bucket and leave it outside overnight then dump it when it's cooled. Well the other day I was heading out behind the cabin to dump the bucket and I came face to face with a wolf. Not a coyote but a wolf. Big thing with long legs but scrawny as can be. Not knowing what to do I started calling for my husband who was sleeping at the time and I was right outside his window.

Typical male though didn't hear me at all, within seconds Carter came around the corner did not hesitate for a second and placed himself between me and the wolf. I have never in my life seen a dog so angry and protective he wasn't budging, his fur was up his teeth well lets just say I would've counted them all. He was growling the wolf was growling and I had no clue what to do, do you run? do you stand still? I started yelling louder for my husband but yet again the man who says he is my hero just kept sleeping.

The next thing I knew Sarge came around the other side of the house on the other side of the wolf and started the same as Carter teeth bared growling. I think the wolf had a pretty good idea at this point he had better leave so he took off across the creek. I had to grab both dogs because they were ready to go after it. These two dogs are truly my heroes I don't know what I would have done without them there, but I believe I was meant to be lunch for that wolf. I told Virginia and Peter when I go shopping next Carter and Sarge are getting the biggest juiciest steaks I can find, and that won't remotely let them know how grateful I am for the boys being there for me.

They are truly the best natured dogs I have ever met, they play with my chihuahua every day and he loves it, they carry him in their mouths and he ends up all slimy covered in drool, but they don't ever hurt him, to see them play is truly hilarious. When my kids walk down to the bus in the morning if the dogs are out, they follow the kids down to the bus and sit beside them. But the funny thing is they never cross the road but sit and watch them get on the bus, and it's only when they are all on the bus that the dogs get up and go back up to the house. It's such a great feeling knowing I have these loving protective guardians watching over me and my kids.

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