Shiloh Shepherd Times, SUMMER 2006

by Heather O'Connor

Through my work, I have volunteered to support some very special men and dogs – Warfighters. The K-9 war-dog units are overseas protecting our citizens. It is dangerous work but they are dedicated to their call to duty.

I thought this would be a good time to send off some doggie CARE packages for our 4-legged soldiers along with the usual human CARE packages. The dogs are mostly large German Shepherd working dogs and are trained to do most everything.

These dogs live with heavy stress and need to unwind after a tough day. One handler told us their dog partners can go through a hollow toy in under half an hour! I also have a list of items requested for the handlers. Their requests for the dogs include the following:

  • Milk Bone Dog Biscuits
  • Kongs Tug of War Ropes
  • Doggie Treats – Snausages etc.
  • Dog Brushes
  • Dog Treat Balls
  • Soaker Balls

If the ISSDC would like to send a box to these wonderful K-9 war-dog units, I would be more than willing to collect the donations and go purchase the items they have requested. All money collected will be spent on items for the dogs and handlers.

If anyone has any questions or would like to donate, please call me at (410) 544-1384 and THANKS in advance for your support to this very worthwhile endeavor. Chances are somebody we know is alive thanks to these K-9 units!

ISSDC Board Meeting
July 18, 2006 - Telephonic

Attended by: President Vaneman, Treasurer Peluso, Past President Fullerton and Secretary Laursen.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm. The minutes of Board activity for the period April 4, 2006 thru May 22, 2006 were approved.

Old Business:
1) The resignation of Vice President Ramstead, for personal reasons was Accepted by the Board with regret.
2) The Breed Standard was discussed and the item was Tabled until the completed document is received by the Board.

New Business:
1) Nominations Wendy Fullerton was nominated for the position of Vice President by Secretary Laursen. The nomination was seconded by Treasurer Peluso.
2) Election Wendy Fullerton was unanimously elected to the position of Vice President.
3) Rarities Show It was unanimously Approved that the ISSDC would host a show conducted by Rarities the weekend of September 30 – October 1, 2006. The Rarities show was contracted due to the success of our May show and the inability of NCA to provide us with a contract as previously approved.
4) Ways and Means Committee The Board unanimously Approved the formation of a Ways & Means Committee to assist with merchandising and fund raising. This committee will be coordinated by Vice President Fullerton.
5) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer’s Report for May and June 2006 was read and Approved.
6) Membership Report was read and Approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Respectfully Submitted: John Laursen
Approved: Judy Vaneman

by Frank Rescigno

It was a cool May afternoon and Patriot a three year old shepherd lab mix waited anxiously in the back of the truck as his owner, trainer and best friend Mary talked to several people about ten feet from him. Mary knew that this would be one of Patriot’s most important and difficult searches. She glanced back at Patriot in the truck and knew that he sensed something big was about to happen. Mary and Patriot were called to these mountains in rural West Virginia by a local Sheriff who had heard of their success in tracking lost persons. But they weren’t the first team in the area, for the past twenty four hours three other dog and handler search teams walked this area with no success. These other dogs and handlers were now resting in some tents set up by the local National Guard. Mary knew she would have to talk to these handlers before starting the search, but first wanted to take Patriot out of the truck and meet the parents of the lost boy.


SAY CHEESE ! SNAP ! CLICK ! SHUTTER ! Dust off your cameras ! Get out the doggie grooming brushes ! A photo contest is just around the corner. The YAHOO Group SHILOHS will be starting a new monthly feature in September. Members will be asked to submit photos of their Shiloh Shepherds. Everyone gets a chance to vote for their favorite. Watch the Message Board on September 1st for details on how to enter. The winning photo from September's Contest will be featured on the ISSDC website during the month of October.


It’s August 11, 2006 and it’s time for me to move on. I will miss all of you, but will be with my mother, father, a sister and the true love of my life… Lobo. My eyes are dim with pain, my dignity is all but gone as movement is not really possible any longer. I will miss my human mom and dad, my sweet son Sampson and all of the friends I have made here on this earth for 11+ years. I will miss the cookies, the fresh country air, watching over my farm, and running with the wind in my fur. I will miss the cold winter days when we have our first snow and I would roll and delight in it’s freshness. I will miss the hunt, the fat slow groundhogs who tried to outwit me but never could. I will miss the soft bed at my mom’s side. I will miss my grandma Betty touching my face and telling me how beautiful I am. I will miss telling you all about my tidbits of wisdom. Most of all, I will miss the love that I earned over my lifetime. Goodbye friends. Abi signing out.

NS abCH. Abigail Atherton, ROM, CGC
May 22, 1995 to August 11, 2006
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

Abi's star now shines brightly next to
her beloved Lobo
read Abi's Tribute page
including her June & July letters


A great big THANK YOU to all who have helped us out with this year's advertising push. It is due to all of you that we have been able to submit at least 2-full page layouts in each of the major publications - the annual PuppiesUSA, Dog World Rare Breed Issue (September), Dogs Annual in Canada and 3-full pages for the the annual DogsUSA.

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ARBA - August 12, 2006
Louisville Classic
E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park
Louisville, KY

Rarities/NAKC - August 12, 2006
Ann Arbor Classic
AADTC Building
Ann Arbor, MI

ARBA - August 19 & 20
Turnpike Classic
Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Manalapan - NJ

IABCA - August 19 & 20
Southland Summer Sieger
Whittier Narrows Recreation Area
South El Monte, CA

ARBA - August 26 & 27
Michigan Classic
Kalamazoo Kennel Club
Kalamazoo, MI

Rarities/NAKC - August 26 & 27
Seattle, WA

ARBA - September 2
Rocky Mountain Classic
Boulder County Fairgrounds
Longmont, Colorado

Rarities/NAKC - September 2 & 3
Labor Day Showdown
Fort Mott State Park, Pennsville, NJ

ARBA - September 9 & 10
California Classic
Slaremont Hotel
Claremont, CA

RBCSWO - September 9 & 10
Petrolia, Ontario

IABCA - September 23 & 24
Golden State Fall Sieger
Contra Costa County Fairgrounds: Fiesta Field
Antioch, CA

ARBA - September 23 & 24
Nutmeg Classic
Haddam, CT

ARBA - September 30 & October 1
New Jersey Classic
Thompson Park
Jamesburg, NJ

IABCA - September 30 & October 1
Montana Fall Sieger
Billings, MT

Rarities/NAKC - September 30 & October 1
Brookville Classic
ISSDC Fall Specialty and Rarities Shiloh Shepherd Specialty
ALSO NKC All Breed Obedience Trial in Memory of Cheri Schell
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Brookville, PA


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