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Winter Celebration!
by Heather O'Connor

School's back in session! Its been a hot summer but I think you will like our future Winter Suprise will pleasantly cool you down. I would like to be the first one to invite you to our ISSDC Christmas Party!

Circle the second Saturday of December on your calendar now. It is our goal to have multiple parties throughout the North American Continent for all to attend. I am
looking for volunteers from various regions to be Regional Coordinators -- any Volunteers?

We need more help so don't be shy. This is to be a human only event filled with fun and food and best of all new and old friends who share our passion-Shilohs. So call me (410-544-1384) if you have any suggestions or want to volunteer as a Regional Coordinator. More info will follow in next month's newsletter. Keep your ears and eyes open for more information to be shared! Hold December 10 open for your local ISSDC Christmas Party!

Ideas for future newsletter articles are greatly appreciated. Contact our newsletter staff today.


Dear ISSDC Members:

I am proud to be the newest member of the ISSDC Board of Directors. This club is a dream come true for me. I have hoped for solidarity in the Shiloh World for many years and now, thanks to the founding members, it has become a reality.

I hope many of you attended the Labor Day Show in Punxy. I would like to exend a big Thank You to Judy and all who put this show together. While I feel a bit left out because of the proximity in which I live, I do plan to attend the Memorial Day 2006 Show in Punxy. It would be great if our members will plan their next summer vacation early and be there also. What a great reunion that will be!

Welcome to all of our new members. I hope that you enjoy our newsletter and that you will invite your friends to join the club. We have some exciting plans for the future.

Susi Ramstead
ISSDC Treasurer


I discovered the Shiloh Shepherd on the internet in the year, 2000. At that time there was only one breeder way up here in Canada! I ended up bringing home my beautiful puppy from NY in August, 2001, and began to show him with the Rare Breed Club of Southwestern Ontario (RBCSWO) that year. There were only one or two other Canadian owned Shilohs who would regularly attend, apart from the occasional “over the border” visit by a few Americans, mostly for Specialties.

However, within the space of two years I began to see more and more Shilohs attending these shows. And now, five years later, Shiloh Shepherds are of the highest numbered participants at RBCSWO shows! We now have a great roster of wonderful breeders in this country too. Talk about a breed blooming!

The time finally seems right to form a Canadian Chapter of the ISSDC. Dave Herz from Bold Canine Shiloh Shepherds is spearheading this endeavor with a little help from some of us Canuck Shiloh lovers. The new Canadian website is almost ready to launch! It’s going to focus primarily on Canadian events and dogs, but will also have great message boards and an info center that I’m sure everyone will enjoy! Our goals for the Canadian club and website are to reflect the positive attitude of our mother club, the ISSDC, and to encourage new Canadian Shiloh owners to actively participate in our show and technical events.

A relatively new club has formed, called the Rare Breed Performance Club of Ontario. This is an excellent venue open to Shiloh Shepherds to compete in events such as Tracking, Herding and Obedience. They also offer additional events and services such as Carting, Lure Coursing, Temperament Testing, Canine Good Neighbor (our version of the CGC) and Herding Instinct testing. They also offer interesting seminars on these activities. We are very excited that our Canadian Shilohs now have the RBPCO available to anyone who wishes to take their dog to a higher level.

And like the RBCSWO, the RBPCO would love to see American Shiloh participation. These groups hold shows almost every month, and it’s a great opportunity to get a Canadian Title on your dog! So come on up and join us!

Virginia Storey, Five Springs, owner of
bCH Kai-Lyn’s Sargent of Zion CGN, HC1
Kai-Lyn’s Carter of Mt. Airy (still a puppy!)
And Hooch the Lovely Leonberger

by Frank Rescigno

Thoughts from the Rainbow Bridge

Everyone who owns or has owned a pet knows about the Rainbow Bridge. It is a place where our beloved pets – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or any other animal goes when they pass on. Whether it is from sickness, accident or old age, they all pass over the Rainbow Bridge. This is a brief story of a pet dog that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and met old friends and made new ones.


“Hi Mom and family, it’s me, Shadow, your fur baby who left you a while ago. I just wanted to tell you that I am doing just fine here over the Rainbow Bridge. I am not tired or sick anymore. I have plenty of food and water and there is a lot of room to run around and play. So, don’t be said that I am gone because I am happy and healthy again. Plus, you have that new little fur baby to take care of. I know he will never replace me but I am sure you will love him just like you loved me.

Speaking of other dogs, remember when you brought me home and I was a little furball. You introduced me to that old white dog you had named Snow. Well, he’s here. Really, I’m not kidding. He recognized me and I recognized him. Remember, he was old and didn’t want to bother with me. I would bite his ears and he would growl. Well, he’s not old and grumpy anymore. We play together all the time. If you are wondering why Snow has never contacted you the reason is that only some of us up here can contact our human friends. It’s strange but that’s the way it is. Snow did tell me to let you know he is just fine. He misses you and he says it’s nice to be young and healthy again. He does want to thank you for loving him and taking care of him all those years. He knew he was bad sometimes but he really didn’t mean it.


2005 Our Shilohs Calendar

deadline November 1, 2005

The 2006 Our Shilohs production calendar is printed based on pre-sale orders only. Once they are printed that is all there is, thus making them a treasured limited special edition.

Cost of each calendars covers printing and postage only. All information and new on-line ordering is now available at the Shiloh Shepherd Boutique.

Calendars will be printed and delivered prior to this Christmas Season.

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Dear Abi, My mom is so ticked at me. I totally refuse to eat. She makes my dinners and ends up throwing them out. She says food is very expensive and she can't afford to keep this up. I don't like anything anymore. She's tried chicken, beef, liver venison, bison, but I still don't eat. She tried kibble, raw, home cooked, canned. I still don't eat. She made me scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, nope. I won't look at yogurt and I ate a wee bit of cottage cheese but didn't finish it. I'm just not hungry for any of this stuff. Could you check on any really good tasting food out there that I would really like ?
Your friend M.B in Canada.

Dear M.B. Just wait 'til you try my latest dish. A spin off on the BARF diet. Stuffed tender juicy groundhog, veggies included. My son Sam was here the other day and I thought he was looking a bit soft, so I had to show him that even at my advanced age, I can do the work. Went out and caught one myself (as you can see in the picture) , just to show the young punk. Now I'll talk to our mom and see if we can send it to you right away so you can try it. Meanwhile, start eating a little bit every day and soon your appitite will come back.

Good Luck, and if you need groundhog, just write me.

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

by Gloria Setterlund

You've made the decision to get a new puppy. You've learned about the breed and been in touch with your breeder. The more you know about your newest family member the better equipped you'll be to stock up on all the essentials that your puppy needs to get started in his new home.

Puppies need their own toys, bedding, dishes, collars, leashes, etc. to fit their size and your home environment. You may also decide you need baby gates, x-pens, pooper scoopers, ear cleaning pads, bandanas, booties - well, maybe not booties, but you get the picture.

It would be safe to get the basic necessities first and then shop for all the little extras.

Basic necessities:
A leash and collar - your puppy needs to be leash trained so that he'll have proper manners when going out with you.
Food and water dishes - your puppy should have his own bowls to eat and drink from.
Bedding - your puppy will appreciate his own spot to sleep away from the noise and commotion of the household.
Crate - a crate can be a wonderful training tool
Food - discuss your puppy's diet with your breeder.
ID tag - you can have your puppy's microchip number engraved on the tag with instructions on contacting you if your puppy should become lost.
Grooming supplies - Shilohs need plenty of grooming, from shampoo to combs and brushes.
Toys - lots and lots of toys!
Paper towels - for those little clean ups.
Flea and tick control - check with your vet about the type of control that is best for your area.

Here's a short list of online pet supply catalogs. I've used all of them and have gotten great service from them all. Most operators are very knowledgeable and can assist you if you have any questions about their products.

I would advise calling the toll free number and asking them to send a paper catalog. Much easier to browse through than the web. Happy shopping!!!

Pet Edge

Fosters & Smith

KV Vet Supply

The Dog's Outfitter

Care-A-Lot (my favorite)


Revival Animal Health




September 3-4 (ARBA)
Rocky Mountain Classic
Denver, Colorado

September 3-4 (Rarities)
New Jersey

September 3-4 (ISSDC/NKC)
Labor Day Weekend Event

(4 NKC Shows & Shiloh Specialty)
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

(For information, contact the ISSDC)

September 10-11 (ARBA)
California Classic
Claremont, California

September 10-11 (NCA)
Franklin, Virginia

September 11-12 (RBCSWO)
Petrolia Show
Petrolia, Ontario

September 17-18 (ARBA)
Wisconsin Classic
To Be Determined

September 17-18 (Rarities)
Boston, Massachusetts

September 24-25 (ARBA)
Nutmeg Classic

September 24-25 (IABCA)
Antioch, California

October (RBCSWO)
(Exact Dates TBA)
Brampton, Ontario

October 1-2 (ARBA)
New Jersey Classic
Thompson Park, New Jersey

October 1-2 (IABCA)
Greeley, Colorado

October 8-9 (ARBA)
Windy City Classic
St. Charles, Illinois

October 8-9 (Rarities)
Sacramento, California

October 15-16 (ARBA)
Micro Classic
Redmond, Washington

September 15-16 (Rarities)
Allentown, Pennsylvania

October 22-23 (IABCA)
Hutchison, Minnesota

October 29-30 (ARBA)
Peach Tree Classic
Carrollton, Georgia

October 29-30 (IABCA)
Orlando, Florida

Thank you, Jan Burke, for all your hard work assembling the show calendar. Check out the complete2005 Show Calendar at Jan's website.


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NS abCH London Shoen Hirn von Zion, CGC (ROM)
12/04/92 - 07/10/04
Frank and Judy Scrips

Sire: Shiloh's Wolfin' Sasquatch
Dam: Mountain Snow of Zion
31.5" 140 lbs | dark brown sable smooth

A Legend and Icon of the Shiloh Shepherd.

One of the ORIGINAL Shiloh Shepherds born in December, 1992 he set the standard for gentle spirit and huge size. Loving, kind, yet protective he was a true “Flock Guardian”. Never was there a moment when he didn’t keep a watchful eye on all members of his family. Even when he was in the show ring he still kept watch while maintaining his regal status and winning a championship.

London was responsible for helping many people decide to have a Shiloh Shepherd in their lives. Everyone that met London was so impressed with him they wanted a dog “Just Like London”. We were the fortunate ones God blessed and He let London come into our lives. He will live in our hearts forever and we are grateful to have been so blessed.

Now London is forever a youthful energetic pup enjoying himself with Bo, Lukie, Trinka, Shep, and many other wonderful Shilohs that have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" until his family reunites with him.


GV abrCH canCH
Pinetree's Miracle of Life, CGC
Winsper Shilohs, Jen StClair

sire: Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum
dam: Tella's Fleur-De-Lys of Kuro
b. Jan 10, 2003 | black/cream plush

Zoey is our first Shiloh, she is from Pinetree Shilohs in Colorado. Zoey's first show was in Topsfield, Massachusetts when she was just 7months old.

We continued to show seeing how she loved the ring and just in a shot 2.5 years Zoey has accomplished her breed championship, Rarities championship, Canadian championship, International championship, and ARBA championship.

From the show ring to the beach, she is what we ever wanted in a dog, from having great times at shows, meeting new faces this would of never of happened without our Zoey, she has made a tremendous impact in our lives.

I want to thank owner/handler Joe and handler Suzy Graham for making all our dreams come true.

SHILOH 9-to-5

CJ's Rockin' Rio de Lobo
Wendy Turnipseed

Sire: Heaven Orion Cazador of Dessert
Dam: CJ Lobo's Coolspring Rain
b. October 24, 2002

Rio is an operational member of the Allegheny Valley Search and Rescue Dog, a United Way sponsored organization based in northwestern Pennsylvania. Rio
joined the Turnipseed family on December 27, 2003 and the SAR team shortly thereafter. Rio was chosen from 6 available puppies based upon strengths evidenced
during the PAWS (Possessiveness, Attention, Willingness & Strength) working dog aptitude test.

Rio has proved to be a natural at SAR having a high prey drive, exceptional stamina, and no fear, often to the absolute horror of her handler. To date, she has
logged over 200 hours in search related training and activities.

Additionally Rio is a graduate of Clarion Canine Obedience Club's puppy kindergarten and Beginner Obedience classes. She received the NSBR Senior Puppy of the Year award in 2003 and her NKC Jr. Show Championship in 2004. In October of 2004, she was featured on the front page of our local newspaper in full search gear during her participation in a parade.

Rio's younger "sister," CJ's Velvet Vixen (Sugar/Lobo, February 2004) is following in her footsteps and is showing great promise.


Nobles Glamour Girl of Zion, TT
Richard Shumaker

Sire: Zions' The Mark of Zorro
Dam: Zions' Rippin Rinna
27" 90 lbs

GiGi, Nobles Glamour Girl of Zion, came to me from Gloria Setterlunds' Noble Acres just a little over two years ago, when she was two years old. Gloria waited two years to find the right match for GiGi and boy did she ever! It is hard to describe how our actions, reactions and lives have merged. I am retired and able to have her with me practically 24/7 even though I work part time. I refer to her as my CC - Constant Companion.

She is totally adaptable and virtually fearless, prancing into any new situation, head up, alert and apparently enjoying herself. She spends hours accompanying me while I am serving warrants for the county courts, keeping her eye on me from the car. In the afternoons I deliver results of Medical Exams to various offices where she has has her own core of admirers.

She jumped onto my sailboat the first time she saw it and has sailed with me ever since, will swim every chance that she gets.

She has a lovely, even temperament, though not particularly outgoing, allows herself to be petted but never acknowledges the petter (Princess Syndrome). Still, under her gorgeous coat though, as she takes care of business at home, allows no into the house or on the property without an OK.

I cannot imagine my life without her. She is indeed, my CC

Four shilohs will share the spotlight each month and tell their stories. Do you know of a Shiloh you wish to see spotlighted in future newsletters? Please send your nomination along with a brief descripton for consideration to the newsletter design team.


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