Shiloh Shepherd Times, OCTOBER 2005

Happy Anniversary ISSDC!
by Heather O'Connor

Fall is officially here--a time to celebrate! But guess what else? We are celebrating the ISSDC's First Anniversary!

This is really something to be proud about. It has been a BIG year of Firsts:

Uniting of many groups of Shiloh lovers into one Dog Club.
Starting an ever-growing and sophisticated website.
Starting a hugely successful Shiloh Webring.
Starting a professional monthly eNewsletter.
Sponsored our 1st ISSDC Shiloh Shepherd Dog Show.
Gaining acceptance in new Dog/Kennel Associations.
Over 140 registered members.
Starting an open-to-the-public eGroup.
Starting Stud and Breeding Pages.
Starting Show Information Pages.
Starting Litter & Puppy Announcements
and the list goes on…

And best of all – tons of new friendships!

I would like to thank our Board of Directors for all of their vision, support, tenacity and love! I believe I speak for all of us when I say thank you to all the members (too many to mention) that have contributed in their special way to the ISSDC. To all of my new friends, may we keep our vision clear and focus on our future success!

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Dear ISSDC Members:

It is official, the ISSDC has celebrated its first year of service. So much has happened in this first year and everyone should be very proud. Our membership continues to grow, the online "Times" gets better each issue, the web site is looking awesome, a Canadian Chapter has been born, awesome dogs have been showcased and many great litters have been produced, what a year!

In a couple of months membership fees will be due. One may ask what will this Club mean to me, and how will it benefit me? The purpose of any dog club is for fanciers to have a common place to unite. Through its newsletters and web site, information can be shared on all aspects of our Breed. Shows and other events are sponsored to encourage owners/breeders to engage in conformation, working venues, or just plain fun get togethers.
Advertising can be done as a dedicated group as witnesses by the ads so far this year.

After the 1st of the year, the Times will only be sent to ISSDC members. As the club grows and funds increase, we plan on a printed newsletter mailed to ISSDC members. This is not going to happen overnight, but it is in the works.

Looking back over the year at all the great things accomplished there are also some sad thoughts too. Our original Treasurer Colleen left to pursue other interests. Just last month Judy resigned her position as Club President due to health concerns. We all look forward to continuing to work with Judy and can understand her need to lessen her work load and hope she gets well soon.

Thanks again to all the people that have worked so hard and contributed so much of their time. What a great year!!

Patti Schaefer


Hello from the Canadian Corner!

To begin our Canadian article may we all sincerely send thoughts, prayers, condolences and support to our southern friends along the Gulf Coast? We also offer a prayer that the many dogs and pets who up until now knew loving homes and security who are now on their own fending the best way they know how, may they find human help and a way to reconnect with their grieving families.

The Canadian weather has been kind to our shows this year and the turnouts have been wonderful. The Shiloh as a breed is growing in popularity up here by leaps and bounds. We have been blessed with several beautiful litters and have added a number of new puppy owners to our Canadian Shiloh group. A big welcome to all of you!

And now for the exciting news! The ISSDC-Canada chapter is holding a Shiloh Shepherd Specialty Show at the Brampton RBCSWO event on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October, The RBCSWO will be doing up some "special" ribbons for our "Parade of Champions" for our specialty, so pre-registration is required. There will be 2 regular shows per day (standard classes) on Saturday and Sunday, with an added Specialty being held on Sunday morning! We all hope many of our Shiloh friends south of the border will come over with their dogs and take advantage of some great Canadian hospitality and the chance to get a leg or two on a Canadian Championship. It promises to be a weekend of fun and friendship for all. For maps, show schedules, entry forms and recommended hotel accommodations, please contact Dave at .

The September RBCSWO Petrolia show was held in conjunction with the Petrolia Fall Fair this year. It was a fun weekend for dogs and humans alike, with a good Shiloh turnout! A country fair is just one of the best ways to spend a fall weekend, and showing the dogs is a real added bonus as well as a great social experience for the dogs.

In Canada, the month of October holds Canadian Thanksgiving (Monday the 10th) as well as Halloween at the end of the month. My guys would much prefer to pose in front of a turkey dinner rather than getting dressed up for Halloween. Although, I know Kye-Ann would love the chance to go door to door for treats! (Good Lord! I'd never get her home again!) With the Specialty this month also, the month promises to be full and rewarding. For all those with children, please remind them how very dangerous those Halloween treats can be for dogs, and how most dogs can find a way to steal them anyway.

Happy Halloween to everyone, and to the Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving too!

Jan Berman, Kellisa Shilohs
Kye-Ann, Murphy, and Loosey

by Frank Rescigno

It was a cool autumn evening and they could hear the hounds about two miles away. Josh who was nine years old and his mother and father were sitting on the front porch of their cabin in the Ozark Mountains. They would sit out on the porch after supper and listen to the hounds trail and tree the raccoons. Josh knew all the voices of the different hounds in the area. When a hound would howl, Josh would tell his mother that was Rocket a Redbone or would say that’s Striker a Bluetick. Josh knew them all. Each hound had a sound of their own. Tonight, there were four hounds and they were trailing a coon. You could tell by the tone and intensity of the yapping dogs when the coon was treed. Josh and his parents didn’t like it when the hounds treed a coon fast. They liked to listen to the dogs’ music for as long as possible.

Coon hunting was a favorite pastime in the Ozarks and Josh’s father’s farm was right in the middle of some of the best raccoon country in the state. Josh’s father didn’t hunt anymore because of an injury suffered in the war. Once in a while, some of the men would invite Josh when they were hunting near the farm. Josh liked to hunt and to be around the hounds. He knew everything about coonhounds, all the different breeds: Walkers, Black & Tans, Redbones and his favorite the Blueticks. Josh didn’t have a coonhound of his own; they didn’t even have a dog on the farm. Coonhounds were prized possessions in these parts, and cost way to much money. His mother and father struggled just to keep the farm afloat. Along with helping work the farm, his mother sold eggs from their chickens in town. She was known as the “kind egg lady”.

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Dear (Grandma) Abi, Here in New Jersey, our wonderful humans seem to get strange every year around this time. Can you give me any insight as to why?
Concerned Shiloh in NJ

Dear NJ Shiloh, Well, seems that is something we are seeing all over. I guess October has a full moon all month and that seems to effect our humans badly. I understand your concerns cause, as you can see, my human got strange today when my baby boy Sam came to visit me. I keep hearing something about 'Halloween" and it must mean "Time to torture your canine and make them look silly".

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

by Gloria Setterlund

A dog might run out the door after trick-or-treaters, so make sure you put a safety gate in front of the door or keep him on a leash.

Keep your dog indoors rather than fenced in the back yard. Flapping costumes and yelling children can frighten some dogs. This is also a time that some children feel more free to play pranks on unsuspecting animals.

Keep your dog away from the candy. Bowls and bags of candy can be awful tempting to a dog. Also watch for candy left on the ground the next day.

Make sure your dog can't reach candles or jack-o-lanterns or knock them over with their tails.

If you dress your dog in a costume make sure there are no parts that can come loose and frighten him or choke him. Also make sure it's fire retardant. Remove any loose or dangly objects that can get swallowed or caught on other objects.

If you're leaving your dog at home while you go out for Halloween, it might be best to leave him crated in a quiet place, away from the door where the doorbell may ring from trick-or-treaters all evening long.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning:
As much as they love it, chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which will accelerate your pet's heartbeat to dangerous highs, often fatally. Vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, heart arrhythmias, muscle tremors, rapid breathing, hyperactivity, and seizures are signs that your dog has been poisoned.
Grapes and raisins can have a fatal effect on your pet. Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, kidney failure, diarrhea, lethargy and abdominal pain. If your dog has ingested grapes or raisins, bring him to your vet immediately!

If you would like to treat the dogs to some Halloween goodies, try some homemade crunchy biscuits. Cut them out with cookie cutters designed for the season:

Crunchy Biscuits:

5 T bouillon - any flavor dissolved in 3 C boiling water, or 3 C meat
drippings (bring to a boil before adding other ingredients)
2 C oatmeal
1/2 C oil
1 C wheat or oat bran
1/2 C honey (optional)
2 eggs
6 - 8 C white or wheat flour

Add oatmeal, oil, bran and honey to liquid while still hot. Carefully add eggs so they don't cook in lumps. Mix in flour gradually until dough is stiff. Roll out. Cut w/ cookie cutters. Bake on cookie sheet at 325
degrees for one hour. Turn off oven, allow biscuits to remain in oven over night. They will be hard and crunchy. Store in paper bag, or cardboard box. NOT in an air tight container.

Stay safe and have fun this Halloween




October (RBCSWO)
(Exact Dates TBA)
Brampton, Ontario

October 1-2 (ARBA)
New Jersey Classic
Thompson Park, New Jersey

October 1-2 (IABCA)
Greeley, Colorado

October 8-9 (ARBA)
Windy City Classic
St. Charles, Illinois

October 8-9 (NCA)
Expo Park & Convention Center
Aurora, Colorado

October 15-16 (ARBA)
Micro Classic
Redmond, Washington

October 15-16 (IABCA)
Puyallup, Washington

October 15-16 (NCA)
Athens Borough Park
Athens, Pennsylvania

October 15-16 (Rarities)
Cape Cod Classic
Sandwich, Massachusetts

October 22-23 (ARBA)
Surprise Classic
Charlotte, North Carolina

October 29-30 (ARBA)
Peach Tree Classic
Carrollton, Georgia

October 29-30 (IABCA)
Orlando, Florida

October 29-30 (NCA)
Daley Park
Tempe, Arizona

October 29-30 (Rarities)
Hartford Classic
Hartford, Connecticut

November 5-6 (ARBA)
Surprise Classic

November 5-6 (Rarities)
Northglen Classic
Denver, Colorado

November 5-6 (IABCA)
Purina Farms
St. Louis, Missouri

November 12-13 (ARBA)
Hollywood Classic | Claremont, California

November 12-13 (Rarities)
Quaker Classic
Allentown, Pennsylvania

November 19-20 (Rarities)
Tampa, Florida

Thank you, Jan Burke, for all your hard work assembling the show calendar. Check out the complete2005 Show Calendar at Jan's website.

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NS X5, TD abci CH. Lobo Amado De Windsong, ROM, TDI, CGC
Judy Vaneman, CJ's Shilohs

sire: Bionic Black Smoke of Zion
dam: Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh
1/26/94 to 7/11/04 | gray sable plush

In January of 1994, Wendy Fullerton (Windsong) sat all night with her beautiful girl Trinka as the first Trinka/Shep litter was born. There were 3 males and 3 females. By April, she only had one little boy left. A sweet gray sable plush who was her friend and traveling companion. Wendy came here to our farm to introduce this wonderful puppy to me and it was truly love at first sight. Needless to say, Lobo stayed. By the time he was a bit over 6 months, he was being shown by Wendy and winning his share of shows, admirers and friends.
Carl then started to handle Lobo and we were off to shows every month. During his show career, Lobo won some and lost some, but was always one of the favorites at all shows. Everyone knew and loved Lobo and many times, I turned down very large sums of money from his admirers. I felt that having Lobo in our lives was a gift and priviledge. No money could be worth that.

As the years flew by too quickly, Lobo left his mark at every turn. People who knew him, loved him. Dogs who were aggressive with all other dogs had respect for him. And my life was complete with him in it. Lobo is the sire to many lovely Shilohs, some show and some companions. Lobo also had a lifetime of running free on his farm. He was strong, healthy and I believe, very happy with that life.

The one last thing to say is that not one person ever said anything bad about Lobo. And that is a true testement to the life of Lobo.

Thank you Wendy for my heart's greatest gift. I will love and remember Lobo forever.


rbchB&T's Princess of Shenandoah, CGC
Trish & Brennan Beltz, B&T Shilohs

sire: NS brCH B&T's Ment To Be Of Ridgewood, CGC,OFA, PENN,TDI,TT
dam: Shenandoah's Back To The Future
b. Feb 14, 2004 | lt brown sable plush

Kassie has been a dream come true for us. We wanted a Kota daughter with hopes of continuing the blood lines of Grandma Chewie (Lobo/Lily Pimm). Never did we realize what a very special girl she was going to turn out to be. She is not only beautiful to look at, but she has a beautiful loving heart and impresses all that meet her with her outstanding temperament and fantastic expressive warm eyes.

Since April, Kass has received her breed championship, Rarities Champion, International Champion, Grand Champion and in September became the first female Shiloh to complete her Supreme Grand Championship.

Kassie has done all of this while being owner handled. She has 5 Best in Shows and 4 Reserve Best in Shows. Kassie is currently the highest pointed female Shiloh in Rarities and is also one of their top 10 dogs, this again is something no other female (at least that I am aware of) has completed. Kassie was a year old in February.

Although Kassie is having a great year in the show ring, more importantly, she is an outstanding dog! Kassie is a Kota/Trink daughter and the light in my life. She has an outstanding temperament and often accompanies me to work. I am a social worker with kids in foster care and Kass can often be found in the homes or my office working with the children right alongside of me.

SHILOH 9-to-5

Raid the Winds Spirit of Tangus, CGC
Straja Linder King

sire: Windsong's Midknight Raider
dam: Windsong Dance of the Bitasweet
b. Sep 5, 2000 |brown sable plush

Tangus, a sweet and gentle companion. He is popular for his tail wagging and affection. He is a born four legged healer who embraces life and has a natural ability to adapt to almost any situation. Tangus, one of the sweetest dogs, can best be described as a four legged angel who adds joy to the world with his unconditional love. He understands your every mood and often mirrors your emotions. However, he expects to be engaged in play and petted by everyone he meets.

Tangus looks forward to meeting everyone from the youngest to the eldest. His favorite pastime is pressing his nose against the window quietly watching the sunset.

October 22, 2005 Tangus will recieve a Hero Award from the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta. He was nominated by Madeline Rugh for his therapeutic touch and heroism in protecting her from two black bears.


Shenandoah Morning Star Grace
Toni Welch

sire: Shenandoah's The Taz of Zion
dam: Longobardi's Domino of Zion
b. July 25, 1997 | gray sable smooth

Gracie is a grand companion. I told Patti I needed a dog with great character and “manners” – and she picked out the perfect dog for us!

Being an Army family, I knew we would move often, entertain often, and live “close” to our neighbors. When Gracie was a year old, my husband retired and we moved back to Germany. Gracie traveled all over the place with us, and her sterling character took her in and out of flea markets, hotel lobbies, and restaurants with style and ease. In a Greek restaurant close to our house over there, she would lie down “under the table,” and no one knew she was there until time for us to go. My biggest fear was that she would s-h-a-k-e after her nap and fur would fly!!

She IS protective (and if she doesn’t like someone, I trust her judgment!) but not aggressive. Her TT score (48, out of a perfect 50), shows a very stable dog. She is smart, and so willing to learn. Her lack of obedience titles is due to my deficiencies and time/energy restrictions, not hers.

I just thank God and Patti every day for such a fantastic companion!

Four shilohs will share the spotlight each month and tell their stories. Do you know of a Shiloh you wish to see spotlighted in future newsletters? Please send your nomination along with a brief descripton for consideration to the newsletter design team.


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Here's your chance to get your very own limited special edition of the Our Shilohs calendar. This calendar is printed based on pre-sale orders only. Once they are printed that is all there is. It is sure to be a treasured keepsake for everyone.

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Calendars will be printed and delivered prior to this Christmas Season.


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