Shiloh Shepherd Times, NOVEMBER 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
by Heather O'Connor

Fall is a time of great beauty as the leaves change into a tapestry of color and the temperature begins to cool. It is a wonderful time to enjoy long brisk walks with our dogs.

It is also a time of reflection, a look into our past year. One thing keeps rising to the forefront – our many natural and man-made disasters. Hurricane Katrina has brought the animal world to a point of action. Legislation has been introduced that would require local and state emergency authorities to include pets and service dogs in disaster evacuation plans. But have we, each one of us, prepared ourselves, our pets and our families for a disaster? We all need to address this issue with our own families in the very near future.

The following Web sites may assist you in this disaster preparedness:

American Red Cross
American Humane Association
Humane Society of the US
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We have so much to be thankful for. Let’s make sure we have our families and our pets with us for many, many more joy-filled years. Plan now for a safe tomorrow.

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Dear ISSDC Members:

Wow, another month passed and we are getting closer to the years end, and what a year it's been.

Our Shilohs list had it's one year anniversary in October and we have averaged over 1000 posts a month. At this time we have more members than any other Shiloh Shepherd related yahoo list! Thank you to each and every one of you who post, it's because of you our list is so successful!

We have almost finalized our club point system which will go into effect January 1, 2006. The details of that will be published in our next Newsletter and of course on our website. All previous Breed Club Championships will be grandfathered in. We will ask the NSBR, TSSR, and the SSBA to send us a list of their Champions of Record, or in the case of ISSR Champions, you can send us a copy of either your TCCP issued SSDCA/ISSR Certificate of Championship or copies of your Winsheets showing you met the ISSR requirements. Our 2006 Grand Victor/Victrix/National Select tabulations will begin January 1, so bathe your dogs and get out to the shows. We will be planning a yearly awards ceremony starting 2007. We will be coming to you members to get your opinion on things like location, time of year, and if you all would like a real banquet at a hotel with dinner, band etc. Lots of fun stuff to be planning this year coming up. So stay tuned for that.

Next I would like to say how beautiful and classy our "Shilohs at Work" section of our website is. I am so proud of all of our Shilohs out there proving they are more than a pretty face! A huge thanks goes out to Audrey Harrison for spearheading this section and gathering the data and of course to our webmistresses Virginia, Heather Y, and Jacki for putting it on our monitors. Audrey, I see your dream coming true! And for a change, our Shilohs at Work are "showing up" our Showing Shilohs!! I do hope that we can get a Versatility Program going soon <hint hint :->!!

I would like to personally thank Judy Vaneman for her service to us as President our first year. I still remember the call I made to you last year asking "what do you think if we all got back together?" And look where we are today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear lady, we couldn't have done it without you xo.

With that said, we have some new officers to announce. I, Wendy Fullerton, have taken the position of President, Patti Schaefer is still our Vice President, Susi Ramstead is still our treasurer, and we have a new director on board... drum roll please.... Gale Peluso as our bookkeeper and as our Secretary, we have our first official MAN ON BOARD, John Laursen! He will be helped by his wonderful wife, Laurie!

Gale Peluso and her husband Vince, have three Shilohs. She and her husband live in the Allentown PA area and have attended numerous Shiloh events the past year. She is a wiz on her laptop and knows her way around Excel like the best of them. I'm sure she will be a big help to our Treasurer as I know Susi is getting ready to have puppies! Thanks so much for joining us Gale.

John and Laurie Laursen of Meister Kennels, live in Brick NJ and are owned by three Shilohs. They have been very active in the breed for years. They have titled their dogs and done extensive health testing. John is now retired from the Fire Department and ready to take on a new job volunteering for our club... LOL... hey John, the secretary job for the ISSDC is hotter than any fire in New Jersey ha ha ha. Only kidding!!

We are happy to have you all on board. Thank you for helping and being excited about your new positions!

More good news! We will be getting PayPal on our website real soon to help expedite membership renewals! The easier for our members, the better for us! More details coming about that in the December Newsletter.

So that's it for this month folks. There will be LOTS of good stuff in our December newsletter. We have a huge year coming upon us with many plans, and we will be calling on our members to help. Again, thank you all for your continued support and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

-Wendy Fullerton


With the winter winds creeping in, sadly, late October spells the end of the show season here in Canada and we’re left to wait a long and cold five months until the new season begins in March 2006.

However, the ISSDC-Canada was not about to let the 2005 season end without a bang! Hosting our first ever ISSDC-Canada Specialty at the RBCSWO Brampton show on the cold wet weekend of Oct 22/23, visitors saw the single largest gathering of Shilohs ever here in Canada!

With 35 dogs in attendance, ranging in age from just 12 weeks to 4 ½ years old, the Shiloh Shepherds again dominated the attendance at the RBC show and was the single largest group represented (total attendance was approx. 130 dogs)! Participants came in from all parts of Ontario, PEI, and some even made the drive up from various US states.

Completely unified and enjoying the show as a collective, the weekend was highlighted with the first ever ISSDC-Canada Specialty! Specialty ribbons, plaques, and commemorative Parade of Champions rosettes were presented. The Parade included some newly championed youngsters, and the return to the ring of a master (Breed & Canadian Champion Kai Lyn’s Sarge!). Additionally, every participant received a special goody bag thanks to the donations from various companies in the pet food industry (Multi Menu, Natural Balance, Old Mother Hubbard, and Rollover all generously donated) and a free raffle was held for 20 donated training toys from “Custom Tugs by Cathy”.

Food tents & BBQs were set up outdoors to feed the Shiloh faithful with free hot lunches on both days (food provided by Robert Grieves and yours truly). Often, with music playing in the background, these tents proved to be an outdoor congregating area away from the hustle and bustle of ringside.

It was such a positive sign to see so many “first-time-showing” families out with their new fur kids! By ensuring strong turnouts at the Canadian events, and welcoming newcomers into the ISSDC family, we can ensure that the Canadian public gets a chance to see what we all know – just how wonderful this breed truly is. The continued high participation in Ontario will ensure that the Shilohs remain in the forefront of the rare breed world and will provide examples of the high standards of the Shilohs being bred in both Canada and the United States.

Organization has already begun for the next ISSDC-Canada Specialty and Parade of Champions at the Toronto Sportsman Show (confirmed for the weekend of March 18th/19th 2006). We’ve set a very aggressive attendance target of 45 shilohs, so come on out and join us! The Toronto show provides an excellent opportunity for dogs to earn points towards their Canadian Rare Breed Championship and is frequented by literally thousands of visitors! Email us with any questions. Details will be provided on the “soon-to-be-complete” ISSDC-Canada Website & forums.

Finally, special thanks to Cher Bender of Keystone Shilohs for her work on producing the award plaques, to breeders Bold Canine, Genesis Shilohs, Kai Lyn Shilohs, Kellisa Shilohs, Miracle Shilohs, and Shamrock Shilohs for their sponsorship of the Specialty plaques. And to everyone else who contributed to making this weekend such a hit!

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Dear Abi. After your enlightening article on the BARF diet a couple of months ago, I started thinking about November. What is it that our humans cook? Sure smells good. Almost as good as Punxy Phil... Concerned Shiloh (and good eater) in NY.

Dear NY Shiloh. I have noticed this tradition for this month over my years. Seems to be that our humans cook all day (and putting us all in another room), have vast amounts of food, all their relatives come and eat everything, and then they leave. Only after they leave, do we get to run the house and shop for droppings on the floors and counters. As you can see in my newest picture above, one human (Aunt Wendy) tried to trick me into thinking that stupid rubber thing would taste as good as the real thing that our humans eat. Wendy.... NOT!

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

by Gloria Setterlund

Ah, Thanksgiving is almost upon us! The beautiful colors, lots of great food. and all the family and friends!! As the kitchen fills with the wonderful aroma of the turkey and dressing everyone anticipates the coming feast, our Shiloh friends included. It can be very tempting to share the rich food with our four legged pals with the pleading look in their soulful eyes and the longs strings of saliva hanging from their lips.

Though it's tempting to give in and offer up a crisp piece of skin from the gobbler or ham, remember that the high fat content can cause your furry friend an upset digestive system, or even worse, give rise to pancreatitis.

Cookies and cakes also have a high fat content along with high sugar that can pose problems. And remember the chocolate can cause increased heart rate and loss of fluids.

We have a few friends and family members that aren't dog savvy so we have to make sure no one offers up a turkey bone to the dogs or leaves any food laying around where the dogs might be looking for a plate to clean, good dogs that they are. Make sure all your guests know ahead of time that the dogs don't get fed anything unless it goes through you first.

Also watch the discarded items that could be too tempting for your Shiloh to ignore if the opportunity presents itself for a little thievery (oh no, not MY dog!). Roasting bags, pop-up timers, skewers, and the little strings to tie the turkey's legs are all potentially lethal to your dog if swallowed because it can cause intestinal blockage and/or perforation. Make sure the bones and cooking items are discarded in a garbage can with a tight fitting lid.

Ok, so you HAVE to share some of the bounty with your Shiloh. Do it safely and add a few small pieces of cooked, skinless meat or a little broth to his/her kibble.

The safest way to include your Shiloh in the festivities is by preparing some Shiloh-safe treats ahead of time.

A nice Turkey Loaf could be in order:

2 pounds ground turkey
1/2 cup cooked mixed vegetables
1 T. garlic powder
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup barley
1 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 cup canned low-fat, low sodium gravy

Spray a 9" loaf pan with canola cooking spray; set aside. Combine the all the ingredients except the broth. Mix the ingredients together well and place the mixture into the loaf pan. Press the mixture into the pan. Pour the gravy over the loaf and bake to 350° for 1 to 1-1/4 hours or until browned on top. Cool, then cut the loaf into about six slices. Wrap in plastic wrap or foil and store in the refrigerator. Or, if your house is like mine, cut into seven pieces and feed one to each dog. Just break the slices into bite-size pieces.

Or some scrumptious Turkey Gobblers:

1 cup ground turkey
2 cups white flour
1 cup cornmeal
1 egg
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3/4 cup water
2 teaspoons tarragon

30 minutes 15 mins prep

1. Preheat oven to 375*.In a frying pan, cook ground turkey, crumble into small pieces and set aside for a paper towel. combine flour, and cornmeal in a large bowl, then in a separate bowl, beat egg, oil and water, then add tarragon. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix well.Fold in ground turkey and mix again. (Turn dough on onto lightly floured surface and knead until thoroughly mixed together. Roll dough out to 1/2" thick and cut into shapes.

2. Place on a greased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes or till firm. cool and serve.Keep any leftovers in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

And don't forget to watch the dog show ( on NBC at noon on Thanksgiving Day!

Everyone have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!



IABCA - November 5-6, 2005
The Purina Autumn Sieger
Gray Summit, Missouri

ARBA - November 12-13, 2005
Hollywood Classic
Claremont, California

Rarities - November 12-13
Quaker Classic - YEAR END SHOW
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Rarities - Nov 26 & 27
Sunshine Showdown
Seralago Hotel & Suites, Kissimmee, FL


NKC December 3
Wimberly, Texas

ARBA - December 3-4, 2005
Desert Sands Classic II

ARBA - December 9-10, 2005
Invitational Tournament of Champions
Claremont, California

NKC December 10
Houston, TX

IABCA - December 10-11, 2005
Tucson Holiday Sieger
Tucson, Arizona


Thank you, Jan Burke, for all your hard work assembling the show calendar. Check out the complete2005 Show Calendar at Jan's website.

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Shiloh's Matoaka Pocahantas
Judy Vaneman, CJ's Shilohs

sire: Shiloh's Easy Rider (Sr)
dam: Shiloh's Hope of Eternity
8/19/88 - 10/19/01 | black/cream plush

During the Christmas season of 1994, Poca came to us. I had been in upstate New York for the day and as I was getting ready to leave, Poca's beautiful dark eyes followed me everywhere. When I left, Poca was with me. When we got home, she needed to be shaved down and bathed several times, but by morning, Poca was a lovely clean girl and very happy to be inside.

She was bred to Lobo in the spring of 1995 and produced 7 lovely babies, my first litter. Before that, she had produced some of our most famous Shilohs... Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh, Shiloh's Grand Elizzabeth, Joan's Northstar Of Zion, Chateau De Chief's Thor and of course, my beautiful Tawnee.

Poca could float around the ring, even in her older years. When she came to our shows, everyone surrounded her and of course, she held court as the Grand Ol' Dam.

In her later years, Poca lived with Steve and Marie Suter, very good friends of mine who cherished Poca's every moment. She died quietly in her home and was buried under a large flowering cherry tree on Suter's property. She was a tough girl who lived well and died knowing that for the last half of her life, she was loved, honored and well cared for as she deserved to be.
A Tribute to Poco


Grand Victor Top Dog ngb CH. CJ’s Sampson v. Blitzkrieg, ROM
Mark Bytner, Blitzkrieg Shilohs

sire: NS abci Ch. CJ’s Lobo Amado De Windsong, CGC, TDI, ROM
dam: ab Ch. Abigal Atherton, CGC, ROM
b. Jul 14, 2000 | brown sable plush

When I began looking for a Shiloh Shepherd a little more than 5 years ago, we had the honor to meet Carl and Judy Vaneman at CJ Shiloh Shepherds. When I arrived at the farm, the first dog I saw was Bo. At that point I knew I wanted a puppy as close to Bo as possible.

Sampson is a very muscular, well built Shiloh with years of hiking, hill climbing and sprint work giving him a very conditioned physique. He moves with determination and purpose but also possesses the fluid gait proper for this breed.

Sam is my perfect match. He is extremely loyal and loving, protective yet gentle. He loves to hunt, hike (5 miles a day are the norm), swim, and go for truck rides. He is a farm dog at heart, enjoying every moment at Grandma Judy’s and anywhere else he can run free. He enjoys herding horses, donkeys, cats and cattle. He is trustworthy and bonded enough to me, that he can enjoy most of our time together off lead. I have been able to take him into many different situations with many types of people including children, the handicapped, the elderly and those confined for various reasons. Sam’s demeanor never changes but is given a lot of respect due to his carriage and stature.

Conformation Shows have not been a big priority in Sam’s life but he has been successful in the shows attended winning 7 best of breeds and 6 best in shows this past year.

Thank you Judy for giving me the dog I had asked for which was as close to Bo as possible.

SHILOH 9-to-5

biCH Dakota’s Nyssa MD Shiloh Star,
MD Shiloh Star Kennel, Michelle Pelescak

Sire: Trinity-Dakota's Shadow Chaser
Dam: Shiloh's Timber Blaze
b. March 1, 1997 | golden sable, plush

When I first started searching for my ultimate working puppy, I had search & rescue in mind. It was to be our ultimate destiny to be able to locate people in need while forging an incredible partnership in the process of training. I came across the Shiloh Shepherd & was hooked--I finally got my puppy girl in April 1997. I named her Nyssa which means “the starting point” in Greek.

She was all I dreamed off and more. Soon we were training for SAR, obedience, and eventually agility and herding as well. Along the way I discovered the fun of conformation showing and Nyssa became a breed and IABCA champion. In addition, she earned obedience CD title, did a little tracking on a side, got an agility leg toward her title, several herding titles, and became a mother to 21 awesome puppies, several of which are already following in her footsteps. More importantly, over the years Nyssa remained my friend, partner, always loyal and wonderful, willing to work with in anything we do.

Thanks to Nyssa, I ended up spending a week in Indonesia with a medical team after the tsunami disaster. A group called Paramedics for Children fielded a team of medical professionals at the invitation of Indonesian government. They were looking for a trained canine search and rescue team and we were chosen. Nyssa ended up not going due to airline regulations but I went on and spent a time in a refugee camp in Meulaboh. It was a life changing experience.


CJ's Lexie Scantling
Terri & Jim Scantling

sire: NS abci Ch. CJ’s Lobo Amado De Windsong, CGC, TDI, ROM
dam: ab Ch. Abigal Atherton, CGC, ROM
b. March 19, 1998| black/tan plush

Lexie is a gorgeous girl with wonderful temperament. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment, aside from being the sweetest girl and the great guard dog when she needs to be, is that she saved my husband, Jim's, life last fall.

Jim was out back cleaning out the leaves from our fish and frog filled lily pond. We have the pond fenced off because Lex has been known to jump in and feast on the small frogs. It was a slippery night, leaves were everywhere and Jim was clearing them from the netting on top of the pond, some snow was on the ground and Lex and her brother, Bentley the Bouvier, were outside with him. Lexie was watching him closely. There are large, sharp boulders around the pond, and they are quite slippery when wet. Jim lost his balance, fell over the fencing and into the deepest part of the pond. The water was freezing at that time of year and he was unable to get a grip on the rocks because they were so wet. Lexie jumped the fence, buttressed herself against the boulders and grabbed Jim by the clothes around his neck while he put his arms around her neck and she pulled him out of the pond, up over the boulders and over the fence! Bentley was at the door when I heard the commotion, talking, but not helping his sister!

Lexie is an amazing Shiloh Shepherd and needless to say, she saved her daddy's life that night. I never heard his cries for help and I don't think that he would have got out of that pond without her intervening. She is something else. It never occurred to us that she would one day save one of us.

It has been our honor to know and to be friends with Lexie's Breeder and Grandma Judy Vaneman these many years. Judy and her Shilohs are just wonderful and we are so grateful to be part of their world.


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