ISSDC Herald, JULY 2005

Welcome to the ISSDC Monthly Newsletter!

The ISSDC is a "mother" organization of dedicated people sharing the joy and trials of owning Shiloh Shepherds. This group has opened its doors to unify and bring the best of the Shiloh breed together. It is a place to find information, education, support, and lots of fun!

As a new organization, we are going through the normal stages of growth but boy are we moving out fast! Volunteers and new ideas are always welcome. Be active, speak out, it is your organization. Ideas for future newsletter articles are greatly appreciated too. Contact Heather O'Connor, or give her a call at (410) 544-1384 today.


Dear ISSDC Members!

Here it is 8 months from when we formally announced the rebuilding of the ISSDC. Look how far we have come. We have a super website with another in the working, we have committees working on a stud book, genetic data base, history and FAQ pages, we have over 120 members, $390 in funds, a very active and upbeat newsgroup, a four page history making ad in Puppies USA, our first newsletter, and we will be sponsoring this Labor Day show in Punxsy. Many more projects are in the future and we need the continued support of all volunteers.

This first message is going to be one of sincere appreciation for all of you who believe and support what we are doing. Over the months you all have proven to be solid in your convictions, supportive when we need it, sympathetic to a hurting friend, strong and solid when someone tries to break us down, and very vocal in saying this is what we want, we want to be one.

The ISSDC is bridging the gap between the different registries and proving what can be accomplished with Unity!

We are so proud to be a part of such a great team. And again, all we can say in this first message, is a very sincere thank you. This is just the beginning!


We're a Club! We need GEAR! The Shiloh Boutique has generously offered to feature our club-wear in its shops. A wide variety of apparel is available, in addition to many other novelty items. All proceeds from this shop go directly back to the ISSDC. Visit the shop now and support your club.

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Last year's production calendar was the first project for our newly united members. This custom printed 13-month calendar has 52 extra pictures in addition to the monthly pinups and cover.

2005 Our Shilohs Calendar

It is now time to start collecting pictures for next year's calendar. Full-size, unedited pictures need to be submitted to Susi Ramstead before September 1, 2005.

The production calendar is printed based on pre-sale orders only. Once they are printed that is all there is. Thus making them a very limited edition. All information and new on-line ordering will be available soon at the Shiloh Shepherd Boutique.

Calendars will be printed and delivered prior to this Christmas Season.



Yes, you heard right-membership is FREE until January 1, 2006. What an opportunity - to be a Charter member of the ISSDC! But what is in it for you?

ISSDC members have access to the following benefits as well as many others:

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If there is something missing that you feel is important, let us know. We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to help. We will be as successful as our membership! Hit this link & sign up today!


PUPPIES USA. This year already we have succeeded in spreading the word that the ISSDC is here to stay. The huge, dramatic four page Puppies USA spread hit the stands in May, letting the world know that the ISSDC has created a unity that will last. Thank you to all that contributed their time and energy to make this ad a success. Take a look and see what all the buzz is about.

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DOG WORLD RARE BREED ISSUE. In a continuing effort to keep our face out in front, the club banded together for placement in this year's September Rare Breed issue of Dog World.


JULY 2005

July 2-3 (Rarities)
New Jersey

July 2-3 (IABCA)
Hutto, Texas

July 9-10 (ARBA)
Virginia Beach Classic
Virginia Beach, Virginia

July 9-10 (Rarities)
Independence Classic
Bethany, Connecticut

July 9-10 (RBCSWO)
Woodstock Show
Oxford County (Woodstock), Ontario

July 16-17 (ARBA)
Liberty Bell Classic
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 23-24 (IABCA)
Anchorage, Alaska

July 30-31 (ARBA)
Salmon Run Classic


August 6-7 (ARBA)
New England Classic
Topsfield, Massachusetts

August 13-14 (ARBA)
Louisville Classic
Louisville, Kentucky

August 13-14 (IABCA)

August 20-21 (ARBA)
Turnpike Classic
Manalpan, New Jersey

August 27-28 (Rarities)
Seattle, Washington

August 27-28 (IABCA)
Anaheim, California

Thank you, Jan Burke, for all your hard work assembling the show calendar. Check out the complete 2005 Show Calendar at Jan's website.

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Youth Seiger Ch. Vic-Mars Siskiyou Spirit
Siskiyou Shepherds, Bev Roth

The Pacific Northwest's very first Shiloh, Siskiyou has left a legacy filled with supreme champions GV 4NSbiWSCSq CH-G Willamette Siskiyou's Chaos, CGC, ROM and 3NSbiWSCSq CH-S Willamette Valley Santiam (Riot), CGC. A kind, gentle soul that loved puppies - his memory lives on.


Tantaras Takoda Cloud Dancing CGC
Ken & Cindy Schleifer

"We were blessed when Takoda came into our lives. We started showing Takoda
at 3 months and he took to ring immediately. He has the "happy" Personality that is perfect for the ring. He has since gone on to a wonderful show
career, winning multiple Best in Shows/
Reserve Best in shows. He recently
earned his Supreme Grand Championship in Rarities, the 2nd Shiloh to achieve
this award. He also finished #1 Shiloh in Rarities-2004 and #3 Ranked Rare Breed dog in Rarities-2004. Besides being an accomplished show dog...Takoda also loves being a "dog"...enjoying long hikes/
walks, playing, spending time with his friends, meeting new people and other dogs, and continuing his "freestyle" dog dancing. He is the well-rounded dog that we've always wanted. He is our "baby" and we love him very much!!! We are so very proud of him!!!!

SHILOH 9-to-5

Dibby Hill's El Cid of MDSSK
Dibby Hill , Lyda Phillips

Before El Cid's 2nd birthday he had passed his CGC with gunfire and taken the HCT & JHD titles from the American Herding Breed Association. He was one of the "Fab Five," the first five Shiloh Shepherds to receive the JHD title, earning the breed a place on the official AHBA list of herding breeds.


Zion's Ebony Wings-Eagles Nest, CGC
Black Acorn Dogs, Erika Pytlovany

Ebby came to us as a rescue/rehome. She'd been a kennel dog, but has adjusted well to home life. She loves other dogs and enjoys training and dog events. She's very affectionate and is my shadow around the house.

Four shilohs will share the spotlight each month and tell their stories. Do you know of a Shiloh you wish to see spotlighted in future newsletters? Please send your suggestion for one of the four categories, along with their name, picture, a short (45 words or less) paragraph and website link to Heather O'Connor.


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