Shiloh Shepherd Times, JANUARY 2006

by Heather O'Connor

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by John Laursen, Secretary

As our first year comes to an end, the Board Members of the ISSDC are very happy and proud of what we have accomplished. At this time, we would like to invite all of you to renew your membership. There is a quick and easy online form for you to fill out on our website and we now accept online payments.

We are pleased to announce the Board of Directors have unanimously elected Judy Vaneman as ISSDC President. Judy, who served the Board as past President, will fill the remainder of Wendy Fullerton's term. Wendy has decided to resign her office for personal reasons.

The Board of Director’s wishes Wendy the very best in her future pursuits and sincerely thanks her for her leadership and service to the club.

The Directors collectively, would like to reassure the membership that the Board remains unified and is continuing to move in a positive direction. The change in the Office of President in no way impedes the plans for the coming year, or for the future of the ISSDC.

Join us in moving forward for the betterment of the breed.


We are growing rapidly and the past several months have seen the expansion of many regional chapters. Each month we will feature chapter reports to showcase the activities held. Click on the following links to see what is happening.



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by Audrey Harrison

I would like to commend all the ISSDC members who have been busy earning a name for the Shiloh Shepherd breed in the working dog community! The list of credentials is growing in leaps and bounds on the Shilohs At Work section of our website!

As we march forward into a new year, I would like to reflect for moment and honor those incredibly special Shilohs and their people who accomplished so much in 2005!
See our Accomplishments

by Frank Rescigno

Scout was a big dog, but very sweet. He was here with this strange couple he didn't know. He would wonder why his family had given him to these people. He missed his old dog family, swimming in the lake with them and running in the fields. He really missed all the other dogs when he slept. These new people fed him, walked him and did not hurt him but he was not happy here. One day, the couple decided to have a picnic in the mountains. They would get to smell the fresh pine trees and cool their feet in the pool from waterfall. They put Scout's leash on him and went to put him in the car. Scout felt uneasy about getting in the car. The last time he got into a car, he was brought here and left by his family. Once in the car, Scout laid down shaking slightly. Into the trip, Scout started to look out the window. It seemed familiar, the trees and the occasional lake. He started to feel more comfortable. About an hour into the trip, the car stopped in a wooded area with a lone picnic table. The couple got out, they went to put the leash on Scout but before they could, he bolted out of the car.

He ran into the woods with the couple chasing and yelling at him. But Scout was young and fast, about one year old. The couple gave up quickly. Scout ran for a long time before stopping at a stream for a long drink of cold water. He stood there and looked around. He wasn’t tired or scared, just a little confused. He didn’t know why he ran; he just knew that it felt right. Scout had traveled far during the day and now as the sun was setting he was weary and hungry. There were many scents in the forest but none of them were familiar.


Dear Abi, We had yet another party last night. Everyone got really silly and decided to play with my toys. What's up with these humans? Really concerned Shiloh in MD.

Dear concerned. Yes my dear, another holiday. This one, Auld Lang Syne, is a holiday when your humans will make promises they won't keep, invite people that will eat all of the food and leave and again, you will probably end up in another room.
It's supposed to be a time of the year when you start out fresh, enjoy your loved ones and drink bubbly stuff and act silly. But, don't worry, things will be back to normal, and all promises--"resolutions"--will be gone for another year.

PS. this is me acting silly on a New Year's Eve several years ago.

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

by Gloria Setterlund

Winter is here again! That means days building snow men, cozy evenings in front of the fire, and big pots of stew and chili for supper. Along with the fun and the snow it also means we need to pay a little more attention to our Shiloh friends. The cold weather, shorter daylight, and de-icing chemicals could be cause for concern.

The dry heat from heating systems can cause dry skin and sinuses. If your dog spends a lot of time in the house a humidifier may be in order. And be careful of space heaters which can burn those fluffy tails if they get too close, or fall over and catch fire if bumped against by a rambunctious dog. We had that happen a few years ago and it caught the house on fire.

Since the days are shorter you may find you have to take your daily walks in the dark. Make sure you walk your dog on a leash in the dark. Reflective lights on your dog's collar or leash can make it easy for your dog to be seen in the dark. It pays to take a little flashlight along too. Even if it's only a small keychain type that you can hook to your belt loop, it may save you in an emergency. And remember to keep ID tags on your Shiloh's collar. A dog lost in the snow or ice may lose their ability to find their way home.

Be sure to keep a towel near the door to wipe your dog's feet when you return home from your walk. Road salts and anti-freeze can stick to your dog's feet and cause a great deal of harm if licked off and ingested. Watch for irritation or burns on the pads, as well as vomiting or seizures. Always be aware of anti-freeze which has a sweet smell and taste and attracts animals. It doesn't take more than a couple licks to prove fatal. There are safe anti-freezes that you can use, such as Sierra-1-800-289-7234 or StaClean 1-800-825-3464.

Be aware of the cold and exposure. Skin that turns white/gray, red or scaly may be frost bitten. You may not see signs of frostbite for a few days so it's better to be safe than sorry. Though our Shilohs love to be out in the cold weather, make sure to limit time out on sub-zero temperature days. Dogs who are very young, very old, or ill cannot endure long periods outside in the cold. Get them out to potty and bring them back in.

Don't use metal bowls outside in the winter. Tongues can stick to frozen metal bowls. Make sure water bowls are not iced if you leave your dog outside for any length of time.

Be careful in the car, too. A dog can get hypothermia if left out in the car while you run errands. If you leave the car running while your dog is in the car the carbon monoxide fumes could be dangerous. And be sure your dog has ID tags while riding in the car. There are so many more accidents in the wintry weather. Even in a minor accident an emergency worker could open the car door and your dog could run off from fear and excitement.

Have a happy and safe winter everyone! Stay inside where it's warm, teach your Shiloh some new tricks, bake some cookies!

Yummy Winter Peanut Butter Cookies
1 to 1-½ cups flour
¾ cup oatmeal
¼ cup wheat germ
¼ cup crunchy peanut butter
¼ cup vegetable oil
¼ cup honey
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup water

Preheat oven to 325° F (165° C).

Combine all ingredients and mix on low until blended. Form into tablespoon-sized balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten balls to ¼" using tines of fork:

Bake for 15 - 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Makes about 20 cookies.



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