Shiloh Shepherd Times, AUGUST 2005

August Vacation Facts!

I would like to share an interesting list of why people don't take vacations. Does this sound familiar?

28% - I must take care of my work schedule
23% - I have trouble finding pet care
11% - I can't find time to make travel plans
11% - There isn't anyone to look after my house

Did you know that August is considered one of the most dangerous times to be on US roads? August is the time of year when most road trips are made. On the average, 117 people die every day on US roads.

So everyone buckle up, be safe, take the dogs, and have a great vacation!

Sources: Harris Poll for Orbitz and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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Dear ISSDC Members:

It is amazing how in just nine short months the ISSDC has grown and what is being accomplished. Our unity has enabled us to have the largest ever 4-page ad for the Puppies USA, a great ad for the Rare Breed issue of Dog World, and coming soon, our ad for the yearly Dogs USA Magazine. You, the members of the ISSDC must be commended. The energy, enthusiasm and over all positive attitude has been so much more than was expected.

With our goals in mind we are looking for volunteers to help with the following committees: Advertising, Show, Newsletter, Training, and Genetics. If you have an interest in helping on any of these committees please contact Judy . She will send you a brief description on the goals of each committee, and coordinate interested volunteers.

It is with sincere regret that we announce the resignation of our friend, board member and ISSDC treasurer Colleen Gott. Colleen has decided that she wants to follow a slightly different path at this time. While she will still be involved with the Shilohs, her primary focus will be on breeding East German Shepherds. We wish her great success and luck on her new endeavor. We would like to announce and welcome Susi Ramstead as the new ISSDC Treasurer. Susi has been an asset and positive influence for the Shilohs since 1994. We look forward to working once again with Susi.

With this change of Treasurer announcement we realized that we have not formally presented the founding officers which reestablished the ISSDC.

Judy Vaneman, President
Patti Schaefer-Vice President
Wendy Fullerton-Secretary
Colleen Gott-Treasurer.

We are looking forward to our members being able to pick up the ball and run with it in the future. We all wish to thank each member for making this one of the best dog clubs ever!

by Frank Rescigno


It was 1879 and a group of Buffalo soldiers from the 19th Calvary were tracking Chief Victorio also known as Apache Wolf. Victorio had taken his people and left the San Carlos reservation. They were responsible for killing several settlers, attacking wagon trains, and stealing many horses. They were on their way to Mexico. The Buffalo soldiers, who were made up of black men, many ex-slaves had been tracking this band for several weeks now. These soldiers were known for their knowledge and care of their horses and for always finishing the job they started. Being out for several weeks, they were running low on food and water.

Trooper Jones, who everyone called “Jonesy” was sent ahead to try and find some water. Jonesy would ride his bay horse for several miles and walk several miles so as not to wear the mount out. While walking, he noticed up ahead something crawling. He mounted the bay and galloped up to the spot. He got down and approached. Not sure what it was, maybe a coyote, a wolf, no it was a dog. A big gray sable. As he got down on one knee the dog stirred. “So, you are not dead” Jonesy said. “What are you doing out here fella, all alone and with an arrow in you?” Jonesy knew the Indians kept dogs to guard their camps and alert them when someone was approaching. But an Indian wouldn’t just shoot a dog and leave it to die, they would eat it. This dog was hurt bad and in terrible shape. Talking to the dog, Jonesy said, “what am I gonna do with you fella”? Just then the dog tilted his head and let out a low whimper. Jonesy who was very good at treating the horses’ ailments and injuries would never let an animal suffer. He knew what he had to do. He removed his revolver from his holster.


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We are currently collecting pictures for the 2006 Our Shilohs calendar. Send your full-size, unedited pictures to Susi Ramstead before September 1, 2005.

2005 Our Shilohs Calendar

The production calendar is printed based on pre-sale orders only. Once they are printed that is all there is, thus making them a treasured limited special edition.

Cost of each calendars covers printing and postage only. All information and new on-line ordering will be available soon at the Shiloh Shepherd Boutique.

Calendars will be printed and delivered prior to this Christmas Season.

“The Shilohs Calendar lets us enjoy pictures of some beautiful Shilohs, each and every day of the year! We can’t wait to order our 2006 calendars, and we urge you to do the same!”

--Jan Burke, Miracle Shilohs

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Dear Abi:
I have heard that there are great things starting to happen with the ISSDC breeders, owners and Shilohs. Can you tell me more?
--Concerned Shiloh In PA.

Dear Concerned Shiloh.
Yes, that is correct. The ISSDC is stronger than ever, with new members daily. I have heard that there are going to be committees which need volunteers to help build the knowledge and camaraderie of the Shilohs and that will help all of us.
In this new article, we will try to keep all Shilohs abreast of news from the canine view for the ISSDC. There are Shilohs with lines being crossed that were not crossed before, there are Shiloh breeders working together to help one and another with health information and of course, there are the wonderful shows (conformation and obedience) where we can really shine.
We will be concerned with new wins, new championships, new puppies and general health observations.

Although I have been around for over 10 years, I may not know everything, but I do know who to call when I have a question.
I am truly hoping that I will receive email with questions and news for future articles. I will try to always tell news, announcements and answer questions that come in. Please feel free to email me.

Abigail Atherton
Senior Correspondent
for Shiloh Shepherd Times

by Gloria Setterlund

1. Check with your breeder as to what your puppy was eating when it was still with its littermates. If you and your breeder decide that you will feed the puppy something different, make sure you take enough of the puppy’s regular food with you and make the change gradually.
2. Your puppy has more than likely had its first set of shots and been wormed. Ask for records to take with you. Please refer to your vet.
3. Your puppy needs to have yearly checks for Ehrlichia and Lyme disease. Don't forget the heartworm preventative!
4. It is essential that your new puppy is socialized!! Make sure your puppy has many new and happy experiences between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. Rides in the car, meeting new people, seeing new places, walking on new surfaces, etc. Do be careful around other dogs if your puppy has not had all of its shots yet as he/she can contract diseases.

5. Be sure to train your puppy! Puppy training classes are great for socialization and new manners. They learn quickly and get bored with the repetition so be creative. After training classes have ended be sure to practice daily for at least ten minutes to keep your puppy attuned to what you expect of him/her.

6. Shilohs love to play in their water. They splash and stand in it as they drink.
7. Often Shiloh puppies hate to get a bath until they grow older. They'll sometimes scream and fight, but hang in there, they'll grow out of it! Groom your puppy weekly.
8. Take your new puppy outside every two hours to potty - that means setting your alarm through the night, too. Also take your puppy out after meals, when it wakes from a nap, and after water. So if your puppy gets up and runs to a different room gather her up quickly and take her outside. Do not rub your puppy's nose in it's excrement!!!! Just quietly pick your puppy up and take it outside if it has an accident or is getting ready to potty on the floor.
9. Please send your breeder updated pictures as your puppy grows. They mean so much to us!
10. Don't forget to check with your breeder about hip x-rays and as to how they will be sent in to OFA ahead of time, if applicable.
11. Check with your breeder for their recommendation about spaying. Shilohs tend to come into heat at about 8 to 12 months of age.

12. Shilohs often get panosteitis between the age of 5 months to 24 months. If your puppy suddenly begins limping have your vet check for Pano. If you suspect Pano give your breeder a call.

13. Have fun with your puppy! If you have any questions PLEASE CALL YOUR BREEDER! Join our Yahoo group even if you only check in every month. Let your breeder know about any health issues your puppy may have.



August 6-7 (ARBA)
New England Classic
Topsfield, Massachusetts

August 13-14 (ARBA)
Louisville Classic
Louisville, Kentucky

August 13-14 (IABCA)

August 20-21 (ARBA)
Turnpike Classic
Manalpan, New Jersey

August 27-28 (Rarities)
Seattle, Washington

August 27-28 (IABCA)
Anaheim, California


September 3-4 (ARBA)
Rocky Mountain Classic
Denver, Colorado

September 3-4 (Rarities)
New Jersey

September 3-4 (ISSDC/NKC)
Labor Day Weekend Event
(4 NKC Shows & Shiloh Specialty)
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
(For information, contact the NSBR)

September 10-11 (ARBA)
California Classic
Claremont, California

September 11-12 (RBCSWO)
Petrolia Show
Petrolia, Ontario

September 17-18 (ARBA)
Wisconsin Classic
To Be Determined

September 17-18 (Rarities)
Boston, Massachusetts

September 24-25 (ARBA)
Nutmeg Classic

September 24-25 (IABCA)
Antioch, California

Thank you, Jan Burke, for all your hard work assembling the show calendar. Check out the complete 2005 Show Calendar at Jan's website.

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bivCH. Morris Good Morning Mona, ROM
8/04/88 - 10/24/01
Paragon Shilohs, Colleen Gott

Sire: Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin
Dam: Super Sweet Sabrina Selah
28" - 120 lbs | dark black/cream plush

Mona sits very prominently in the history of our Shiloh Shepherds with many pedigrees tracing back to her. Mona is very typical of an “old world-style” German Shepherd. She was oversized (above standard) huge boned, huge headed with a huge, square body and an unwavering sense of loyalty, protection, and at all times, very trustworthy and gentle.

She was a true herding dog and in the last few years of her long, wonderful life, she adopted an orphaned baby goat, a flock of chicks and quite a few human children! She took her job of foster parenting very seriously, taking great care of all her children.

Mona was full of life till the very end, loving to sneak up from the side or from behind and nip us on the thigh and then spin around with a very mischievous look, waiting for us to chase her. She still loved to play ball and loved to go for nice slow walks in the pastures and down to the creek as she got older.

We loved Mona dearly and feel blessed to have had her in our house and raising our kids, canine and human alike. She will forever be a part of our hearts and her great big bear hugs are still missed tremendously.



Catoctin's Maxwell's Mountain
Catoctin Shilohs - Becky Althoff

sire: iCH Willamette Valley Marsala,
dam: iCH Galaxy's Morgiane of Catoctin,
b. Nov 25, 2004 | brown sable plush

My name is Kara and I am 11 years old and love the Shiloh Shepherd. My mom breeds and trains Shiloh Shepherds. This year my mom let me travel to the shows with her, and I am now the one that goes into the show ring with our puppies.

I have two male puppies that I show. Luke is our smooth dual boy. He is almost 6 months old. He is very calm and sweet. Max is our big plush gray sable male; he is goofy and licks everyone. People call him “Baby Huey”. He is almost 8 months old.

I have always wanted to show the dogs but I couldn’t until I got older. When I first went into the show ring I felt a great freedom doing it by myself, at the same time, I was nervous because there were all grown ups and professional handlers that I was facing. I came in second with Max in my class. It was really exciting to win my first ribbon. The Shiloh people came up after I came out of the ring and told me what a good job I did with Max. That made me feel very good, and made me want to show again.

When I get older, I hope that I can become a professional handler and work with other Shiloh’s or other breeds as well as my own dogs. For now, I am having fun with Max and Luke and everyone at the shows. I want to thank everyone for helping me, encouraging me and being so kind to me. I love the Shiloh people and their dogs.

by Kara Althoff


SHILOH 9-to-5

ChPtd Zion's Spirit of the Skywolf HCT, JHD
Shadow Hills Shilohs, Audrey Harrison

Sire: Zion's Walker Texas Ranger
Dam: Zion Takes It All

Wolfie is one of the "FAB FIVE" Shilohs responsible for bringing permanent recognition with the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) to the Shiloh Shepherd Breed.

Wolfie resides at Shadow Hill Shilohs in West Virginia. He is one of our spectacular smooth coats working in the herding arena. Wolfie's natural instincts are enhanced by his strong desire to please and his calm, but steady approach to the stock.

We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of our very own sheep at Shadow Hill this fall! In the meantime, this team has resumed training at Keepstone Farm in Virginia. I feel that Wolfie has a lot of potential and we are currently aiming towards earning another title in the more advanced AHBA Ranch Dog division.



Chaos' Wild Lily of the West
"Growing Up Shiloh", Jacki & Tyree Wilde

Sire: GV 4NSbiWSCSq CH-G
Willamette Siskiyou's Chaos, CGC, ROM
Dam: bCHptd Zion’s Raven Out of the Mist
b. May 2, 2000 | 29 1/2" - 112 lbs

"When I die, I want to come back as your dog!” I’m so flattered when people tell me that. It means that Lily is living the great life that even people want.

Ever since Lily joined our family in August of 2000, her life has been filled with fun, travel and great adventures. She’s a true tourist having explored and hiked her way through the West and is always hankering for more.

Lily has chosen a life of leisure. She looks at you like you’re crazy if you want to play ball. But, mention the word hike and she’ll howl and whine all the way to the trailhead. She loves to pack up and go…..anywhere, just as long as she is part of the plan.

She is a large, gentle girl with deep eyes and a sweetness that captures your heart. Even if you don’t like dogs, you like Lily. Once she decides you are her friend, you become one of her “people” and she never lets you forget it. She wraps you around that big paw of hers and bookmarks your heart, giving you a piece of herself that you never forget.

She’s a wonderful companion, a part of our family and a true ambassador for the breed.


Four shilohs will share the spotlight each month and tell their stories. Do you know of a Shiloh you wish to see spotlighted in future newsletters? Please send your nomination along with a brief descripton for consideration to Heather O'Connor.


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