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Since our first ad placed in 2005, the ISSDC has created almost 30 cooperative advertising projects that can be seen in a variety of publications, including the Annual Puppies USA, Dog Fancy Puppy Edition, the Annual Dogs USA, and Dog World Rare Breed Edition.

Our advertising projects are available to all Breeder Members in good standing.

Current Projects In Production:

  • Dogster's Puppies 2019 Special Issue :complete
    Our publisher says this is one of their favorite ads and that they get regular calls from their readers. Truly a fan favorite.

Contact us at advertising@issdc.com to participate in any of these projects.

Advertising :completed projects

Advertising :payments

PayPal invoices will be issued to participants for payment of these projects.

At that time, be sure to notify our advertising coordinator immediately if you will be using regular mail as a payment method and the remittance address will be forwarded to you. Include the name of the ad on your check.


Advertising :how to participate

Notices of each project will be posted in the following locations:

  • ISSDC Members' Forum
  • ISSDC Shiloh Shepherd Fan Page on Facebook

Interested in participating? Don't wait to hear from us. Contact us [advertising@issdc.com] within a few months of the dates posted below so we are sure not to forget you.