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The International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC) was founded by people who were deeply involved with Shiloh Shepherds since their official acceptance as a Rare Breed back in 1991. We came together as a club to promote, preserve, and protect the dogs we love. We are a coalition of breeders and owners that seeks to recognize excellence in conformation and performance and to provide assistance to dogs in need when we can. We have a lot of fun too!

We are an international club with members in Canada, the USA, and Europe, and we’re growing in strength and numbers all the time. We are comprised of two registries: the National Shiloh Breeders Registry (NSBR) and The Shiloh Shepherd Registry (TSSR), which came together to promote best breeding practice, maintain genetic diversity, and share knowledge and information in order to maintain the highest standards in health and vigor while bringing forward exemplars of the breed standard. While we work closely with our two registries, we welcome all as members. Breeders and owners of dogs registered in the various Shiloh registries, along with people who simply share an interest in our dogs, are all equally welcome. If you are looking for people whose focus is the celebration and betterment of the Shiloh Shepherd, the ISSDC is for you. Join us for learning, for fun, and for the love of dogs!


NOTE: The advertising on this website is a provided as a courtesy to the members of the ISSDC. All responsibility for the health and soundness of each dog is the responsibility of the individual breeder. The ISSDC has not screened the listed information provided by breeders, and accepts no responsibility for their reputation or quality. As with any purchase, it is your responsibility to investigate! The information presented herein for each litter announcement is not an endorsement of or by the ISSDC.

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