by Frank Rescigno

Thoughts from the Rainbow Bridge

Everyone who owns or has owned a pet knows about the Rainbow Bridge. It is a place where our beloved pets – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or any other animal goes when they pass on. Whether it is from sickness, accident or old age, they all pass over the Rainbow Bridge. This is a brief story of a pet dog that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and met old friends and made new ones.


“Hi Mom and family, it’s me, Shadow, your fur baby who left you a while ago. I just wanted to tell you that I am doing just fine here over the Rainbow Bridge. I am not tired or sick anymore. I have plenty of food and water and there is a lot of room to run around and play. So, don’t be said that I am gone because I am happy and healthy again. Plus, you have that new little fur baby to take care of. I know he will never replace me but I am sure you will love him just like you loved me.

Speaking of other dogs, remember when you brought me home and I was a little furball. You introduced me to that old white dog you had named Snow. Well, he’s here. Really, I’m not kidding. He recognized me and I recognized him. Remember, he was old and didn’t want to bother with me. I would bite his ears and he would growl. Well, he’s not old and grumpy anymore. We play together all the time. If you are wondering why Snow has never contacted you the reason is that only some of us up here can contact our human friends. It’s strange but that’s the way it is. Snow did tell me to let you know he is just fine. He misses you and he says it’s nice to be young and healthy again. He does want to thank you for loving him and taking care of him all those years. He knew he was bad sometimes but he really didn’t mean it.

Speaking of being bad, remember when Snow left us and I was feeling a little down and I chewed that big soft pillow on the couch. I didn’t mean it, I was just mad because I was all alone. Thanks for not getting too mad. But boy, I found out that Dad could sure yell loud. What about the time, I taught myself to swim in the pool in the backyard. I didn’t know my nails would rip that plastic thing that holds all the water in. But it was a fun ride all the way to the front yard. And I got to play in all the mud for the next two days. You wanted a new pool anyway. I hope you can’t hear me laughing. But I was good too, when I was about six months old and you brought me to my first show. You made me stay in my crate; I couldn’t play with the other dogs because you didn’t want me to get dirty. You brushed and brushed me and I didn’t complain. Then you took me into that ring and made me run around it and up and down it. Then I had to stand still while some strange lady opened my mouth and put her hands all over me. I didn’t move and they gave us a blue ribbon. You thought I was so cute when I pranced around the ring with that blue ribbon. Well, you should have seen Dad afterwards with that blue ribbon. He was prancing better than me and he was as proud as he could be. I think that ribbon helped him forget about the pillow I chewed up.

Another time, you were glad I was around was when we were walking at night and that bad man started walking towards you and was talking to himself. I jumped in front of you, barked, and then showed my teeth. It was cool how the man took off running. You gave me a big bone when we got home and you couldn’t stop hugging me all night. We both knew from then on that you belonged to me and I belonged to you. We really knew how much we loved each other years later when I got sick. We would stay up all night, I would whimper and you would cry. We would lie together. In the morning, I would feel a little better. But no matter how hard we both tried I couldn’t get well. We both knew it was time for me to go away. We said our goodbyes and I came here. Speaking of here, Snow keeps bugging me to come and play with the other dogs. We are going to go chase some rabbits. Don’t worry we never catch them. So, I have to say goodbye for now, I’ll keep in touch.


Your best friend,



Thank you, Frank, for allowing the ISSDC to share your stories.


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