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Note: The following criteria are a requirement for access to ISSDC Members Only area:

» Your ISSDC membership must be current;
» You must register here with the same email address you used in your ISSDC application;
» Helpful hint, sign up with the same login/password as you use on the Shilohs eGroup

IT'S TIME TO RENEW! current membership expires 12/31/17, renew now to maintain your access to our forum.
note: if you are a new member and joined after 7/1/17, your membership expires 12/31/18



» Offensive language or terms will not be tolerated - any posts containing these will be deleted.
» Please do not spam. Spamming includes any advertising or irrelevant posting.
» Insults and flaming or personal attacks against forum staff or other members will be not tolerated. Members will be respectful while participating in all discussions or posting.
» No hacking, and illegal activity, such as torrents, illegal downloads or links, etc. This will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to a local authority.
» Please do not post inappropriate images, links or content.
» Please refrain from cross-posting any material without the original poster's consent. (This does not apply to educational, scientific information, etc.)



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